Welcome to Dash of Pink!

This blog is about, well, pink.  The colour and the outlook on life.  And love.  And beauty.  And money.  And food.  It’s called Dash of Pink because pink slowly became my signature colour over time, and because I love surrounding myself with pink and little girly things – it makes me happy.

It won’t really be fitting into any blog categories unless you count “young urban married life with no children, big dreams, and lots of interests” a category.  I decided to start blogging for a few reasons.
1) A fair number of people I knew seemed to ask me for advice or opinions on a wide variety of subjects – from cooking to clothing to relationships to organizing.
2) I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, and sometimes I think we could all use a moment to remember that life really does have a lot of beauty in it, if only we allow ourselves to see it.
3) As anyone who blogs of their own initiative, and not for money, can attest, blogs tend to be the places we can de-compress a bit, share our thoughts, get others’ opinions back, and have a nice little spot to do all that.  And I wanted that.  A place for girl talk, a place for “talking out” stress, a place to have a voice that maybe, just maybe, someone will connect with.

So welcome!


One response to “Welcome to Dash of Pink!

  1. Hello beautiful!! Will follow your musings eagerly! ~Barb

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