Natural Makeup Look – All in One Compact

Today I’ll be doing a makeup tutorial that I’ve really gotten excited about.  After all, though inner beauty is so much more important, enhancing our natural beauty through makeup and fashion is fun!  This is a natural look that’s great for everyday, and all the colour is contained in one small makeup compact.  This has become my go-to lazy weekend or just lazy day makeup, and it helps me look more awake, so I’m excited to share it with you!  I’ve included pictures, but I apologize in advance for the bad lighting in my bathroom, which kind of downplays the look of the makeup.

It all started on a recent Saturday morning (at about 1pm, ahem), when I was finally awake, washed and dressed, and ready to take on the day of fun and errands (yes, I tend to sleep in pretty late on Saturdays).  I had done the basic foundation, concealer, loose powder, and it was time for the fun makeup – eyes & blush.  I have a great compact of highlighter and bronzer called 3D Face Powder that I was only using occasionally.  I use the Shimmer Pink palette since I’m so pale.  It was amazing for pictures, and especially for my bridal makeup since it has a really pretty subtle shimmer, but I found that using it exactly as directed to highlight my forehead and T-zone kind of made me look sweaty, which I wasn’t too crazy about.  So I had started using the powder again, only not on that area, just to highlight cheekbones and such.  But on this Saturday, I reached for it first, and had an “Aha!” moment – I could use the centre colour alone for a soft blush, and the other 4 colours were perfect for creating a natural-looking eyeshadow look!

The makeup compact is available here.

So I did just that.  Here is me with no powder on….

And this is the compact.  To make it easier, I will refer to these shades by number (1-5, going from left to right, and going from light to dark).

First, I used my blush brush to highlight above my cheekbones (Shades 1 & 2).

Next, the bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks (Shades 4 & 5).

Blush time!  Using the centre shade (Shade 3), right on the cheekbones (this makes them look more defined, and looks more natural than the apples)

Eyes!  I used Shade 1 to highlight the brow bone and inner corner, Shade 2 for the lid above the crease, Shades 1 & 2 in a sweep right below the eye (to look more awake), Shade 4 on the lid below the crease, And Shade 5 for a thick line along the lash line.

Then blend the colours nicely together….

Top it off with a quick coat of mascara (I’m using Artistry Length & Definition in Granite from Escape to Paradise)

And done!  A super-quick beauty look that’s natural and with just enough shimmer!  It’s very subtle, but it makes me look more awake, reflects light in a flattering way, and defines features and cheekbones.  I really love this for a barely-there, natural enhanced look! 🙂

Hope you like it!



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