The End of the Great Dispute

Update as of January 2013 – This system worked pretty well, but we just happily found a countertop dishwasher – THAT has finally solved it 🙂 

Today I’m tackling a sticky subject.  In fact, it’s sticky, soggy, messy, and sometimes even crusty – that’s right, I’m talking about dishes (dun dun dunnnnh).  Dirty dishes.

But fear not, Nick and I have found the answer! Now, the kitchen is clear of dirty dishes, and clean ones are available in the cupboards, all thanks to a simple solution to an apparently very common problem.

This simple chore is the classic example of something small causing marital strife and resentment, and driving women crazy.  No one wants to do them, yet they must get done.  And it just so happens that our beautiful little urban home with a breathtaking view does not have a dishwasher (gasp!).

Really, they’re just another chore, and need to get done in some division of labour.  Nick puts together furniture, since he’s good at it and I’m as useful as a Barbie doll for that.  I handle organizing, because I’m a neat freak who colour-codes her closet for fun (I know, I may need help).  As a new wife I was thrilled when he volunteered to do dishes, saying it was only fair since I cooked.  I know, I really did find Prince Charming.  But alas, Prince Charming is also super-busy, and gets very tired, and likes to handle the big stuff for us like slaying dragons, watching the real estate market, and researching investment options.  All wonderful things, but it tended to lead to a (tiny) kitchen counter covered in dirty dishes, and empty cabinets where there should be clean dishes.

And then one day, I had an idea.  An idea that ended the dishes dispute as we knew it!  What if he was able to do dishes once a week, for the whole week?  He liked the idea, and we got to work.  We decided that we would buy another set of dishes, so clean dishes were available, and the dirty dishes could be kept in a laundry basket so they were out of the way.  And that, my friends, is how we ended the Great Dispute.

The hero of our story

Happy dishwashing (wine helps!)



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