BB Naturals

So, a little while ago, I decided to try and hop onboard the natural beauty products trend.  I’m not really even remotely close to the brown paper packaged, raw-looking cosmetics found in health food stores, Ayurvedic products, and the like.  I usually delight in fun packaging, bright pops of colourful plastic, and “exclusive revolutionary formulas” that sound like they were created in a NASA lab somewhere.  But I had heard enough about the dangers of sulfates and parabens and other things that I don’t know what they are, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try and go more natural.  I decided to try a line of body & hair products called Body Blends Naturals.  The design and marketing was cute enough, and it boasted its products being at least 93% all-natural.  They are paraben-free, phalate-free, sulfate-free, and even gluten-free (sidenote: why is there gluten in beauty products?  I don’t know).  They were great!

The line is all bamboo and green tea extract based, so it smells nice, but the scent is still neutral enough that it won’t interfere with fragrances you may wear.  This was important to me, since I wear some sort of EDT or EDP pretty much every day.  The formulas also boast shea butter (moisturizer extraordinaire), and organic aloe vera (which soothes skin naturally).

The body wash is a gel that sudses up really well, and is even perfect for shaving my legs.  Not too drenching in moisture, but the lotion is all you need for that.

The body lotion is honestly more like a rich cream, almost body butter-ish in its thickness.  It covers really well and makes my skin feel all silky!  It’s actually thick and rich enough to stand up to Canadian winter, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

And then there were the hair products.  I tend to be picky about these, because I’ve been growing my hair out since forever, and it sometimes has a mind of its own.  The shampoo was nice, lathers up well, and rinses very clean.  To be honest, I don’t usually look for too much in shampoo – I want it to clean well, since I use styling product, and to smell pretty, but not overpowering.  Check.  But the conditioner?  I loooove this conditioner!  My hair is naturally curly (read: a sponge for moisture, and sops it up like a camel in the Sahara, which can leave me looking like Medusa/poodle/lion’s mane), so it needs a good conditioner.  This one is almost as thick as the lotion, it feels more like a mask!  It detangles my hair in no time, and left it the softest it has been in years – yes, years.  It also gave my hair a nice sheen without weighing it down, so it has become one of those products I tend to gush about.

Here’s a picture of the bottles for the whole set.

I’ve included a pic below, it’s from a wine tour Nick and I did, and it does show how healthy my hair looks.

The best part about these products?  They offer the benefits I mentioned, and at a sweet price.  They’re all available here, and the price ranges from $14-$16 for two bottles!  This line has really been a great find, and one I’m happy to share with you guys.  Have you hopped on the natural beauty product bandwagon?  Found any great cold-weather products?  Let me know 🙂

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2 responses to “BB Naturals

  1. I’m excited to try the hair products. I had to laugh at your hair description as mine too goes the way of a hairball if not heavily moisturized. Do you know of any retailers that carry this? or only web based? Thanks!! ~B

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