Style Icon Spotlight: Blair Waldorf

Hello, beautiful readers!  Rejoice, spring is in the air, for reals this time!  A time of renewal, making a change, a fresh start!  This is the perfect time for a new hairstyle (a lot of my friends have freshly chopped locks), or some new beauty products (water colour eyeshadow!), or my personal favourite, injecting some freshness into your wardrobe.  Although I’m a summer child, one thing I do like about spring is that colour seems to arrive again in the fashion world, bright colours and pastels alike replace the blacks, greys, and dark shades that festooned store windows since Labour Day.

This year, I’ve decided to inject my closet by choosing a new fashion icon to draw inspiration from.  We all have such icons, and many are mainstays – Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Middleton, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama, the list goes on.  And in line with that, I am debuting a new regular category of posts: Style Icons.  First up, the ever stylish, ever graceful, Blair Waldorf.

Blair is a fictional character on Gossip Girl, the popular drama about the young Upper East Siders in New York City, and is portrayed by the lovely Leighton Meester.  Luckily, it’s pretty easy to imitate Queen B’s style on a budget.  She is always classy in her dress, very feminine with pops of colour.  Also, in the earlier seasons, headbands are one of her signature pieces.  I credit her with bringing headbands out of our childhoods and into a grown-up accessory.  I’ve included a few pictures below to showcase her fantastic taste.

Here, we see a very flattering schoolgirl-chic skirt paired with flattering dark solids, classic pumps, and headband matching the red accents on lips and skirt. Perfection.

So much colour, so much fun! Yellow notes in the blouse, shoes, bag, and headband look great with this emerald green coat, and lavender tights!  This colourful choice is sure to put a spring in your step, and it’s perfect for a date, or looking lovely out on the town.  You never know when you might run into your own Chuck Bass.

Such a lovely close-up here.  Blair looks timelessly pretty in neutrals with lace detailing, and beautiful black accents.

So, what would we take away from Miss Waldorf?  Lots of feminine details, like A-line silhouettes, skirts, bows, heels, and rocking both neutrals and colours.  Also, coloured tights!  These were a revelation when I got back into watching Gossip Girl, since they’re a perfect way to bring some colour into an outfit.  Of course, the office may not be the place to bring out neon tights, but they’re certainly fun for a more relaxed setting.  Personally, I love feminine clothes and dressing up, so it’s easy to see why Blair would become one of my style inspirations.  And I have fallen in love with headbands, they’re the perfect way to add some sparkle when I wear my hair down, which is pretty much always.  Check out my Blair-inspired outfits below, featuring fitted items, headbands, colour, and heels.

What do you think?  Will you be adding some UES prep into your closet?  Who are some of your style icons, and maybe some you’d like me to profile?

(All photos of Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf originally from the CW network)

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