Black Patent Leather Heels

I have a pair of shoes. They are black patent leather. I’m not a big shoe fanatic, but these are special shoes. And this is their story.

If shoes could be friends, these are my oldest and among my dearest. We met 9 years ago, in a thrift store. I was young, the tender age of 13, and was looking for the perfect accessories to complete my Grade 8 graduation outfit. With my mother, we had found the dress, a sparkling red one-shoulder sheath. Now the shoes.

As I sifted through the racks at that dusty old shop, I had doubts I would find anything. And then I saw a gleam, the promising gleam of classic black patent leather. I picked them up. They were real leather, and the name on the insole was Charles Jourdan. Turning them over, I saw they were made in France. I looked at them quizzically and thought, “these just might work.” They were a classic almond-toe pump, and the heels were nearly 4 inches tall. I stepped into them gingerly, and they fit as if they were mine from the start. The soft leather formed itself to me, and I was instantly able to walk in them, no pain, no wobbling. In just a few minutes, and for only $10, they were mine.

When that night came, the shoes performed wonderfully. They carried me gracefully up on the stage, to accept my diploma and awards, and they supported me as I danced the night away. And ever since then, those shoes have been with me. I’ve had the taps replaced more times than I know, had them re-soled, and added some cushy insoles once in a while. But they still fit just as perfectly as that first time, and the heel is that perfect height to make me feel lovely and empowered but not topple as I walk – or dance! They are my classic comfortable meeting shoes, my interview shoes, my trying-on-a-new dress shoes, my dancing shoes, my office shoes, my wedding guest shoes. They are timeless classics with a gleaming shine, and they’ve scaled tile, grass, and concrete with perfect poise. It’s been nine years, and they fit me even better than when we first met. These shoes, they’re not just any pair of pumps. They were the first shoes that made me feel like a woman, like a lady. They’ve got my back.

Do you have any clothes or accessories that you just know you can always rely on, and they’ll be just right?


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