Light Cake Mix Goodies

This recipe is one of my secret weapons to staying (or getting) slim.

I originally found it via Hungry Girl’s emails (basically the guilt-free guide to deliciousness). It’s a great recipe for baked goods that are moist and delicious, and seriously slashes calories and fat. And? It only calls for two ingredients. Yes, TWO. What more could a girl ask for.

So the basic recipe is this!


  • 1 box cake mix of choice (devil’s food, chocolate, spice, red velvet, etc.)
  • 15oz (425g) canned pureed pure pumpkin


Mix the two, spoon mixture into muffin pan, or make them into cookies and bake.

Bake at 400 for 20 minutes. I prefer 350 cause I still like them a bit doughy.

…. and done. Usually, this comes out to about 181 calories per muffin/cookie if you make a dozen. Last time I used butter pecan cake mix, and made 15 pieces, so 145 calories each for just that, but then I mixed in some hazelnuts.

Also, here in Canada, I haven’t often seen 425g cans of pumpkin, so I buy a big can that clocks in at about 790g, use half for one batch of baking, and then freeze the other half for a later batch. It works perfectly.

Obviously, this recipe is just begging to be played with. I’ve used lots of different mixes, mixed in nuts to give it some crunch, or chocolate chips, filled them with truffles and then frosted them. I really like them, because I can’t eat a lot right when I get up, so they make a perfect mid-morning snack after a light breakfast, and go great with coffee! Everything goes great with coffee. Below is a picture of the aforementioned butter pecan with hazelnuts, as well as a red velvet cupcake made this way topped with homemade light cream cheese frosting…mmm…

Give it a whirl! Two ingredients, directions so easy you could do it in your sleep… and delicious, without all the excess calories. Now, I’m off for my mid-afternoon snack of a muffin… nom nom nom 🙂

(Original idea for this recipe from Hungry Girl at )

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