Moving Day!

The City Raats are moving!  Yaaaayyyy!!!!

Okay, fine, we’re still going to be in the same building, so not that big a move.

However, a separate bedroom?  It will be bliss, I’ve longed to be able to not have the bed in the middle of the living room.  The bachelor suite was fantastic, but bringing over guests always had that slight edge of awkward – “Come in, come in, make yourselves at home.  Yes, that’s our bed, let’s just move on over to the couch now.”  We’ve loved our little studio-sized castle, with its expansive east-facing views and glorious walk-in closet.  However, we are ready to move on up!  Also, 2 years in 425 square feet?  Sounds like it could be an interesting reality TV show, or marriage exercise.

Our new place – oh it’s so exciting!  Still small (the way I like it, easy to keep clean and tidy), but a separate bedroom. A respectably sized kitchen.  Expansive south and west views – of the water, the Toronto skyline, gorgeous sunsets.  Custom paint job.  Bliss.

Today I’m going to share some parts of the moving and decor journey.  Luckily, packing is easy as pie when you’re moving within the same building.  Our plan is to basically box some stuff up, but mainly put everything in large cheap laundry hampers, and simply move those around.  Clothes that are hanging can basically be carried as is and re-hung, furniture can be moved as is with no real need for disassembling, yay!

I’m thrilled that the landlord let us buy our own paint for the painters to use before we move in, because my vision will finally come to life.  Here is what I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now – I guess it would be hotel glam meets minimalism with romantic touches – or bridal suite chic.  See the pic from our wedding below – aren’t these colours gorgeous together?  I mean, the floral curtains, the warm brown walls, and a pop of pink 🙂

Nick and I both love minimalist, clean lines, and lots of black, white, and silver.  We also like not having clutter.  Our bridal suite had all of that, set against warm mocha walls, and I immediately loved it.  Ever since then, I’ve wanted our home to echo that bridal suite, a mix of contemporary and hotel-level comfort, with the pops of pink that made our wedding day special.  Plus I think the romance of that whole idea is really sweet – waking up to our wedding day every day, sort of.  Luckily we adore Ikea, so the furniture is easy to procure.  We already have a beautiful canvas print from our wedding, and the archway we were married under is at the head of the bed.  I’m hoping to get a really nice colour on the walls, too, and then with some decorating touches, it will be perfect!  Plus, depending on how much room we have, I’d love to have a dress form in the bedroom with my wedding dress on it.

I’ve made two inspiration boards on Polyvore, and they give an idea of a visual, if a bit rough around the edges.

Inspiration for the new living room, and for the bedroom below:

Now let’s hope it turns out well!  Hope to have pictures of the new place soon!  What do you guys think?


2 responses to “Moving Day!

  1. You lovebirds are super cute. Your enthusiasm about the move is infectious. Love it! Good luck with the move. Xo

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