A Tale of a Mane

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted long hair.  Technically, my hair is long, but I mean I want long, like Eve in the Garden of Eden hair cascading down my back, or like a brunette version of Princess Ariel or Princess Aurora’s hair.  Chalk it up to Disney, Barbie, or whatever other girly cliche you’d like, but the ideal self I’ve always envisioned had a head graced with gorgeous, long, flowing locks.  As a little girl, of course, my mother would certainly not allow me to go that long without a haircut, so right now it’s the longest it’s ever been – ugh.  Add to that the fact that my hair has always had ridiculously slow growth, and you’ve got a good case of Rapunzel-desire syndrome.

When I was a mere 8 years old, I remember hearing about these things called extensions, where a hair stylist can sew hair into yours and make your hair long, and this stuck with me.  I’ve toyed with extensions throughout the years since I was 17, going to beauty supply shops and making my own clip-in extensions, but I always wanted to get permanent ones, the kind where I can treat it like my own hair, and wash it, and style it as well.  What complicated things were when my curls came in, because my extensions were straight, and I wanted my hair to all look nice and natural.  Here’s a picture of me with straight hair and my first set clip-ins, way back in high school (oh yes, that is a selfie in the mirror and I am wearing the necklace from Lord of the Rings):

Those were cute, but like I said, a lot of work.  Well, I finally took the plunge.  I went in and got extensions professionally done at a salon.  I wanted weave extensions right from the start, because I like that they don’t require any sort of chemicals or adhesives, and they’re easier on the wallet too.  I got mine done at the lovely Urban Textures Salon downtown, where such ladies as Miss Universe have gotten their hair done.  The whole experience was fabulous, right from the consultation, to the actual hair appointment.

Upon arriving, the salon is adorned in warm neutrals, and soothing R&B music is playing.  I was sat down in a nice comfy chair.  Since I had washed my hair that morning, we got right to the extensions.  My stylist was Tina, and she did a great job.  Once my extensions were in,she did a cut on them to blend and create pretty layers, and then styled it.  This creates a natural, gradual look to them, instead of a huge change in length from my natural hair to the finished style.  The hair was top-notch quality, custom matched to my natural colour, and they even had wavy hair available, which made me really happy.

This is me before:  Here, I’m “in progress”, so the extensions are in but not trimmed, I like to call this the Lion Mane (rawr):And now after, with the curls she styled it in:

And now with my own natural wavy look (my personal favourite):

What do you think?  I love it!  I finally have the hair of my dreams, and I have been stroking it and loving it and tousling it, and whipping my hair back and forth pretty much since I left the salon – whee!  I’ve also gotten a lot of compliments on it, even from total strangers.  Yeah, I’ve been basically acting like a little kid, and re-enacting the famous Little Mermaid hair flip a little bit too..

Talk to me, ladies – what do you like having done to your hair?  Or, are you trying something new for summer?

(Ariel Hair Flip from Oh My Disney at http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/2013/03/18/the-way-we-loved-the-little-mermaid/?cmp=SMC|blgomd|OMD-March|Pin|LittleMermaid-Ariel|InHouse|031813|Text||esocialmedia|||)

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