Moving Day Updates and The Before

Hello and greetings from our new, swanky 1 bedroom apartment!  And check out our gorgeous view – the glorious Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario!

Seriously, I know it’s less than 600 square feet, but it feels palatial.  Especially after living in a semi-packed state for a while.  Tiny bachelor apartment that is tidy and clutter-free, feeling nice and open?  Good.  Packing in increments so no one goes insane?  Good.  Living with the whole apartment in boxes in the middle of everything?  Not good, not good at all…

So, the move went really well, yay! We actually got to move in the kitchen stuff the night before since the apartment was unlocked.  We figured if someone really needed a plate that badly that  they’d steal it overnight, it would be our gift to them.  On Saturday, we went out for a leisurely breakfast (that’s what happens when you have no more cutlery or coffee cups), and then started moving things.  Shortly before noon, Nick’s parents arrived to help us move, and they were such a blessing!  At 1pm, we had our service elevator time slot, which always makes things so much easier.   All in all, everything got moved between noon and 4pm, which is not bad at all.  Also, we never knew you could pack so much into a bachelor suite!  I guess that’s what happens when you have a walk-in closet and under-bed storage.  So, after moving everything, we all went out for a lovely dinner – I know, they’re the best in-laws ever!  After some more light organizing, our bed was made, and the kitchen was pretty much set up, so we were happy campers.  Right now the apartment is a royal mess, but that’s nothing a few good days of organizing can’t take care of.  Here’s a picture of the bachelor place, all empty, bye bye first apartment *sniffle*..

The new gorgeous place, all empty and pristine – check out those mocha walls!

And post-move, the living room:

And from the other side, looking into the kitchen:

Oy.  We also went on a mini-spree at Ikea, to begin our new furnishings.  We got some dressers, a pretty mirror cabinet for the bathroom, and we have a kitchen table for the first time in, well, ever – and it’s pretty!  We decided to begin with the cheapy chairs that can also be patio chairs if need be, and spring for the luxe leather chairs later, because 10 bucks versus 130 bucks is mucho difference.  We’ll also be picking up some Poang chairs and a prettier TV cabinet a bit later on, but of course none of these are super needed right now (especially since we don’t have a TV – oops, better put that on the list too).  But once these are all set up, it’ll likely be time to explore window treatments (damask curtains, fingers crossed!) and lighting.  There’s no overhead lighting in the living area or bedroom, so we’ll be getting creative with floor and table lamps.  The bedroom is fine, since we have our wedding archway.  In the living room, we strung up our Christmas lights for now, which provide a hint of ambient light, and not much else.

Here are some post-tidy pics – ahhhh, much better.  Now for the fun part, time to start shopping around for decor and accessories 🙂

This time was fun, easy, and painless. Plus I got my workout in, haha!  I’ll do a more detailed post a bit later about the decor vision and bringing it to life, but this is today’s update on our journey into a boudoir separate from the living room.

How are you with moving?  Like it, dread it?  Any success and/or horror stories?


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