Restless Spring

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re being given a message, that the universe, God, is trying to tell you something?  I remember feeling deep stirrings within my spirit this past February.  It was a feeling that I can best describe as “Restless Spring”.  I had a very deep sense that with the changing of the seasons, change would come about in our life, lots of changes, and for the better.  I kept this all quiet within myself, thought about it, prayed over it, and decided to be open to change (if you know me well, you know change is not a strong point for me).  Unlike the New Year Resolution rush of renewal and optimism that comes by in January, this was more than a month later, and felt much deeper..

And then recently, I reflected on these past few months.  Sure enough, there has been a lot of change, and it has all been for the better.  Both Nick and I are at new jobs now, and are very happy with them.  We are both working in the gorgeous downtown, which opens up our schedule so much more.  We moved into a bigger and better apartment, one we’ve been dreaming of for well over a year.  We are experiencing our beautiful city like never before, fully taking advantage of its many treasures, from its charming beaches to the wonderful shops and cafes in our neighbourhood.  Also, I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of long long hair, and yes, this is almost a life change for me.

It’s definitely been a restless spring, full of excitement, and I am so deeply grateful for all these blessings and opportunities.  At the same time, I’m hoping the restless spring will give way to a leisurely summer, full of picnics, sunbathing, and fun.  I know there are still more changes on the horizon, and I’ll report on them as they become reality.  So in love with our life together, and adoring every moment.

Looking back, did you have a good spring?  Was it one of rest, one of action?  Do tell.


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