No Heat Curls

Hello, beautiful readers!  I’m going to talk about a fantastically easy hair tutorial (easy hairstyles, yay!)  It’s the glorious No-Heat Curls that have been rocking the Pinterest world for a while now – seriously, I went back to clean up my pins, and had pinned 5 totally different tutorials for this exact same thing.  And yes, I’m weird in that I go back through my pins and clean them out.

My favourite one is found here,  and it’s got a video done by the lovely Autumn of Playing House Full Time – which is also the first blog I ever got hooked on, go check it out!  You’ll fall in love with her sweet style, and adorable family.  Also, the picture of her taken from the back here is what made me fall for and try this hairstyle.

I had a bit of a conundrum.  My hair is naturally curly, which I love.  However, I liked to wear my clip-in extensions as well, which are straight.  I wanted an easy way to get some curls into my hair and the extensions.  And it had to be easy and fast, since I have a ridiculous head of hair that would take over an hour to do with a curling iron.  I’m also growing my hair out, so no-heat sounded much healthier for my hair.

Basically, I do my hair straight after washing, which takes about 15 minutes, and then put in my extensions.  Then I follow the video, put on my headband and loop my hair through, lightly misting my hair with water in a spray bottle as I go.  Believe me, I’ve tried it with too-wet hair, and it’s poodle land, and fully dry the curls fall out quickly.  I’ve seen tutorials where you would twist the hair before looping it, but I just wanted nice big loose curls.  Once my hair is setting, I sleep on it.

In the morning, I just take out the headband and gently finger comb the curls.  I’m thinking some hairspray after would be good to give the curls a bit of extra hold, but not essential.

The picture at the top is of my hair pre-weave, but check out how it looked when I did it with my weave in – now I don’t even straighten, just mist and set, and I love how it looks!
Also, another quick tip – don’t use the non-slip grip headbands.  I made that mistake the first time, and it got all messed up and tangled, and took me almost an hour to detangle.  Just use the normal cheapo headbands and you’ll be fine.  Pretty bouncy curls, whee!

Have you tried this?  Let me know what you think!


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