Our Brand New Custom Bed

We’ve been having so much fun in the new apartment, especially now that unpacking is done and we are fully moved in!  One item that was pretty top priority was the bed.  Our bed is actually the bed Nick had as a teen.  We love it, and it’s sooooo cozy!  Plus the under-bed storage is fantastic in a small place.  Well, a little while back, the bed frame broke (like I said, it was like 10 years old, don’t get any ideas here), and we knew it would be tricky to replace, seeing as the bed is just shy of a double.  However, we had to take care of it, and reclaim our under the bed space!  No fear, my amazing (and handy!) husband to the rescue 🙂

He decided to make a bed for us!  So sweet, and romantic, now it’s even more special.  He designed it himself, based on a Youtube video for a slatted twin bed, and we decided to make it extra high for easily fitting plastic bins underneath.

Here’s my amazing hubby with the wood we bought at Home Depot:

Brought it home, cleared the living room, and he got to work, while I kept organizing the apartment – I’m pretty sure I was getting the bedroom dressers and such all set up at this point.

Here’s the actual frame, all assembled and on its side.

And the beautiful finished frame!  You can see the extra-tall legs, the slats, and the centre support beam:

And the maestro carpenter himself!  Yeah, I was beaming with pride at this point.Next came a bit of lifting and manoeuvring, and we got it into its spot in the bedroom, below our pretty wedding archway:

And here it is all made!  Happy and wonderful – and again the genius behind it all!

If you’re wondering why there are no pictures of Nick working on the bed, it’s because he sometimes prefers to do work around the house with a pants-optional dress code (it gets very warm in our apartment), but then again why not?  I was basically helping him move stuff around in 4 inch heels, so that’s not much better in terms of practicality (or common sense).

Anyways, back to the bed.  We love it, and it feels so luxurious to climb into a nice high bed at night.  We’re pretty much at the same height as the windows, so even the view is better from up here!

Stay tuned for part 2, when we paint and make a custom padded headboard!  Swooning just at the thought of that headboard….


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