Product Review – XS Energy Drinks

My Tropical fix 🙂

If you’re a yuppie millenial like me, you’ve at least heard of, if not tried energy drinks.  I remember being scared of them when they first became popular, I was in high school and thought they were insane.  Does anyone remember Jolt Cola?  I had heard it basically had twice the caffeine and twice the sugar of regular cola (not sure if that’s true, it was simply what the rumours said), and that scared me at the tender age of 14, not to mention the slew of countries banning various drinks after young people mixed them with alcohol (suuuuch a bad idea, kids, don’t even go there).  Then soon enough, everyone around me was guzzling Red Bull and Monster like there was no tomorrow.  I said no thanks and continued with my normal coffee and diet Coke.

Around the time I started working full-time, some late nights ran a bit too late.  So I thought to myself, hey why not try one of these things.  I found I did kind of like Rockstar Sugar-Free, and I quite liked the Starbucks coffee energy drinks.  Still, they were usually a last resort after 2 coffees for the day weren’t working to keep me going.

And then I discovered XS Energy Drinks.  A bunch of flavours, a reasonable amount of caffeine (about a cup of coffee), packed with B vitamins, and no sugar.  With these, I was sold.  I still don’t have an insane habit of drinking these things, but I’ve been perfectly happy with XS.  They barely have any calories, since they have no sugar.  They are sweetened with sucralose (basically Splenda), so if you’re concerned about artificial sweeteners, now you know.   Also, the B vitamins help your metabolism as well, so yay for that!  So not only will it not sabotage your fitness goals, it will actually help you along the way – what more could you ask for?

My favourite flavours are Tropical (pineapple/passion fruit/peach), Citrus (orange/lemon/lime), Wild Berry, and Naranja (orange).  I looooved the Cola flavour when they had it, but that’s not in Canada anymore 😦  They mostly come in 250mL cans, but the orange one comes in 355mL cans.  A case of 12 250mL cans is about $31, so about $2.60 a can, and $42 for a case of the large cans, which ends up being about $3.50 for a large can.  If you think about it, that’s pretty much the market price, except these are so much better for you than just straight up caffeine sugar water, which is basically what most energy drinks have.  These are practically health drinks with all the vitamins they have!  You can buy them here , and they get drop shipped to your door, always a nice touch.


Have you tried these amazing drinks?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


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