Cats, Foxes, and Jonas!

So, yesterday I turned 23.  I know, gettin’ old over here.  But anyways, best birthday ever!

I know that the Facebook flood of well-wishes is kind of common, and often joked about, but it still gives me the warm fuzzies.  And that started quite early in the day.  Throughout the day, the fun continued, with wonderful cards and gifts from my in-laws and co-workers.  I even got a card with a cat on it, which was hilarious – and I definitely have a thing for cats.

Dinner was hastily enjoyed at the Fox & Fiddle in CitiPlace, not exactly a birthday dinner as much as we needed to grab dinner in the area before the main event of the evening.  However, dinner was nice, enjoyed on a patio in the sunshine, and capped off with cookies & cream cake!  Here’s a pic of us at our table:And the cards I received.  On the left is the cop cat from work, and Mr. Snugglewhiskers was from Nick.

After a quick bite, we were off to the show – we went to see the Jonas Brothers!  How amazing is my husband for setting that up?  And for actually going with me?  Very amazing.  The concert was fantastic, the music was great, lots of singing along to cheesy-awesome music.  Check out some pics of us, the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, and the obligatory blurred shot when the Jonas Brothers were on stage (hehe)!

It was a fantastic night, capped off with even more well-wishes and a sweet Happy Birthday voicemail message.  I’m so very thankful, and grateful, and feel incredibly blessed to be where I am and surrounded by so many amazing people.  Only one day in so far, but 23 is looking pretty good 🙂


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