Windows Updates

But we’re not talking about the computer kind.  Nope, instead, we got curtains!  Woohoo!  It may not seem like a big deal, but it is a big, huge, monumental deal.  Yes, monumental.  More on that in a moment.

Sooo, why curtains?  Being high up and having fantastically large windows would seem to invite the idea of bare windows.  But I wanted to still have some privacy, and make more progress on the hotel vibe… and Nick wasn’t really enjoying having glaring sunlight in his face at 5am, so light-blocking curtains seemed like a good idea.

So, it was time to shop around – my first instinct was soft white tulle-like sheers, and then black and white damask opaque curtains.  I quickly learned that it’s very hard to find good black and white damask curtains.  I wanted to have them be mainly white, with a large print pattern.  Most of the stuff I found was either mainly black, or had too small a print, and looked too busy and teeny-bopper – yikes.  So I tried black and white florals, and even grey and white damask.  A few options showed up here, though nothing was ideal, and the ones that were nice were far out of budget at over $100/window for the curtains alone!

All I wanted was some nice mainly white curtains with a cute pattern that wasn’t too distracting, and added subtle interest and sophistication.  I decided to give Ikea a second chance (knowing already that they had no damask), thinking they might have something.  Oh happy day, they did!  My eye was instantly drawn to their Ferle curtains, and at $14.99 a pop, the price was right.  Plus I love that the design was beach/ocean-inspired, since that’s a nice ode to our honeymoon.

So we happily picked those out, and went in to look at sheers, hardware, and light-blocking liners for the bedroom.  For curtain hardware, we went with silver-grey tone all around, to match the soft grey in the curtains, and because the curtains had rod pockets (we didn’t want huge contrast at the top. Here’s what we went with:

1. Our beloved Ferle curtains, 3 sets in total

2. Lill sheers, 3 sets in total at $5.99 each

3. Glasnava Liners, only 1 set for the bedroom for now

4. Racka extra long curtain rods, 6 total

5. Betydlig brackets, 18 in total (!)

6. Hogtidlig pretty finials, 3 sets

7. Raffig plain finials, 3 sets

After getting a few handymen quotes for the drilling, we decided to rent a hammer drill from Home Depot, and resident handsome handyman Nick got to work.  Here he is in action!And that was quite the ordeal.  As you can see, the windows go wall to wall and clear up to the ceiling, and that means ceiling mounted rods and brackets.  Our building is awesome and solidly built with concrete, rebar, sheetrock, who even knows what else is up there, so it took sweet hubby pretty much an entire day just to get the holes done, and we were up early the next morning using the drill to screw in the brackets.  Fun all around needless to say.

We finally got all the hardware up – yay!  So I got to work tightening curtain rod holders, and then on to the curtains!  Our only hiccup there was with the liners in the bedroom – they came with some sort of odd little flimsy plastic clips that we couldn’t really figure out to attach to the Ferles, so I finally gave up and decided on a staple gun (and by that I mean a normal office stapler), figuring it would be sturdy and I could just remove the staples to wash the curtains, and then restaple.  We also decided not to hem the curtains shorter in the name of a breezier look (and a mix of laziness and tiredness).

So, without further ado, here is the before with our naked windows (scandalous!).  The living room is on the top, and the bedroom is on the bottom.

And the glorious after!  Ta-da!

Aren’t they purdy?  I love them, even though they’re not damask, I love them like my own babies.  And you can really see the difference in light blocking with the liners.  We didn’t know if we’d want them in the living room too, so we decided to try it without first, but now we know we’ll probably get the liners there too.  Our curtains are up, check it off the list!

Have you guys done any home improvement projects lately?  Or gotten new curtains for a fun new look?

(Ikea photos above from

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