80s Remix – Beauty Look

Recently, I was doing my makeup and unintentionally ended up with a look that reminded me of the 80s.  I know, that sounds bad, but this actually turned out really well, so I thought I’d do a quick 80s-inspired makeup look tutorial.

I was wearing a fairly neutral white and grey outfit with a baby blue accent cami, so I decided to use a bit more blue on my lids to tie in with the outfit.  You may remember the Artistry Enchanted Garden Limited Edition makeup products that I discussed here, and I’ve been using them as my staples all summer, so they were my products of choice for this look.

Step 1.  Create your base with foundation and face products as normal.  I’m wearing a mix of Artistry Tinted Moisturizer in Tint 1 and Tint 3 for a bronzed look, concealer, and Artistry Loose Powder in medium as setting powder.

Step 2.  Eyes – I used Artistry Enchanted Garden liquid eyeshadow.  From the crease to the brows, I used Golden Sunset, dotting on colour and blending with my fingertips.  From the lashline to the crease, I used Midnight Star with the same method, this being the soft blue.  I finished off the eyes with Artistry Length & Definition Mascara in Black.

Step 3.  Cheeks – Using a fluffy blush brush, I lightly added a soft hint of blush.  I went with Artistry Enchanted Garden blush in Peach.   I dusted on a very small amount, and then swirled for a natural look.

Step 4. Lips – I love the look of lipstick, especially for a more professional feel.  I finished off the look with Artistry Lip Colour in Bon Bon, for a fresh vibrant pink finish.

Check out the finished look above and here:

Just for fun, I experimented with this a bit later in the day – I added a thin dash of Artistry Enchanted Garden liquid eyeshadow in Twilight to the crease, and blended that in.  You could easily use a powder eyeshadow and either a sponge applicator or an angled brush for a similar look.  You can see that it really doesn’t look dramatically different, but it does seem to make the colours flow better:

What do you guys think of my little 80s remix?  Anyone else trying something that’s a bit of a throwback to earlier times, like the nude makeup of the 90s or 60s cat eyes?


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