Make it Shiny, Make it Chrome

So, I’ve found a new love.  Spray paint.  I know, I know, it’s such a simple item, but for some reason I was really hesitant to try it.  I remember seeing so many ideas on Pinterest about how spray painting vases and decorative items can instantly make them look luxe and work with your colour scheme.  So I went out and got me some Krylon Premium Original Chrome.  I love me some silver accents.  Not that I had any idea what to paint.

And then somewhere in the madness of moving and settling in, I realized I had a few things that would be perfect in silvery chrome.  First up, the two vases seen here:

The vase in the top picture: a cute little black bud vase I got a few years ago from Walmart out of necessity when sweet hubby bought me a rose, and I didn’t have a vase (so a tall glass worked for a day or two).  Pardon the fact that the ribbons are blocking it, but it’s plain and black.

The pale blue vase on the bottom: I’ve had it for years, I love the suble crackle texture and the shape, don’t really love the pale blue that goes with nothing.

So, I got to work gettin’ my chrome on.  With nice warm weather, I spread out some cardboard on our big balcony and sprayed everything there.  It was so amateur, there were some drips, some drops, some errant spray, but all in all, I’m glad I took the plunge.  It may have started a mild addiction.  Here are the vases now, all shiny and pretty!

I lurve them now.  Yes, lurve.  Now the colours finally work with the scheme, and I adore silvery accents like you wouldn’t believe.  I may have wanted to kiss the spray paint can, but decided not to – safety first.  You may be able to see I dripped a bit on the thin bud vase, but I actually kind of like it, I think it gives it a hint of a molten look.  If I ever change my mind.  I can sand down the drip and do another coat to fix it all up.

Have you guys spray painted anything recently?  Any novices like me out there?


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