Joys of Summer

I love summer.  It’s so magical, from the bright early mornings, to the lazy afternoons and mesmerizing sunsets, and then warm starlit nights – ahhhhhhh.  I truly believe each season brings its own charm, beauty, and romance, but summer is my season soulmate, summer understands me and flows with me better than any other season.  I remember reading that creation and God romances us, and I can’t help but think that summer is when the romance is piled on like no other time, at least for me.

So I’ve been thinking of how the important events in my life have often revolved around summer.  I was born right in midsummer.  Summer vacations to the Black Sea, the mountains, the tropics.   Memories made with friends when books and homework were the farthest things from our minds.  My grandparents visiting from Romania.  Every graduation in school.  High school prom, the apex of all teenage movies.  Meeting the love of my life, on a random street corner in Waterloo.  And of course, getting married, a summer wedding just like I had dreamed my whole life, and paving the way for endless beautiful anniversaries, in the summer.

And so, for summer, this summer, I am thankful for so much.

For settling into our new apartment, making it our home.

For going to the beach on a whim, and languishing in the sun.

For my hair, which has finally reached the lengths I’ve dreamed of all my life – even if Mother Nature did need a bit of help with this one 😉

For easy dinners and fresh salad, a summer staple.

For going out for ice cream or gelato, and enjoying our great city.

For the soaring skyline views we take in every evening, right from our own home.

For chilled rose and coolers, over laughter and good conversation.

For love, and letting the beauty and warmth of our surroundings bring us even closer together.

This summer, how are you letting life romance you?


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