On This Day… August 20th, 2011

This would hardly be a proper blog without… the wedding post.

It’s the post I see on Mom blogs, newlywed blogs, and all sorts, because of course, weddings are such an important part of our life as women.  We dream of them, plan them in our heads, and then suddenly – it’s here.  That day, the day you walk down the aisle, and all your dreams come true (or so the fairy tales claim, which happens to still be the case for us).  So I’ve included some pictures of that wonderful day, pictures I often find myself looking at and smiling, and memories that are among my most cherished.

In all honesty, our wedding day was perfect, and beyond anything I could have ever dreamed, which is a lot since I’d been pretty much planning the wedding since I was 2 years old  (you know, when I wanted a poofy PINK wedding dress, ahem).  And as lovely as it was, as beautiful and romantic, we must remember the most important difference between real life and fairy tales – the wedding never matters more than the marriage, and “happily ever after”…. it’s just the beginning.  I always said that the most important part of the wedding to me would be the man waiting at the end of the aisle, and that was completely true.  I will never forget the moment I stood at the end of the aisle, looking into my love’s eyes… it was as if the whole world melted away, leaving only a cloud of love, bliss, and the gorgeous strains of “Heart of the King” playing.  And when he reached out to lead me to the altar… it was a wave of feeling ultimately loved, completely in love, and blissfully happy.  And that feeling remains…

Time for some pictures.  First, one of my favourite glamour type shots in the bridal suite.

We opted for a “first look” photo session, so this is the moment we first saw each other, before the ceremony.

Our beautiful bridal party!

A sweet romantic photo.One of our favourite pictures! Taken out on Bloor Street in front of the venue, we have this as a large canvas in our home.

The small and lovely ceremony

Photos with the family after the ceremony – officially married now!

Detail photo of the reception, and the taper candle and rose petal centrepieces.

Our delicious wedding cake, and the sweet cake topper that makes us smile to this day

Cutting the cake

Our first dance as husband and wife, to the Glee cover of Journey’s “Faithfully”, and complete with a choreographed lift 🙂

It’s been an incredible two years with my amazing husband, the best two years of our long lives thus far.  Nick, my handsome loving warrior prince, I am more in love with you every day, and can’t wait for our story to continue.


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