Chrome Failure

You may remember my new love of chrome spray paint (showcased here).  It was fantastic on the vases – here’s another pic to refresh your memory.  Gorgeous, right?

And there’s another project I worked on with the chrome, but that’s still under wraps.  However, one day I was looking at our pretty little glass table and kitchen chairs, and noticed that the metals didn’t quite match.  As in, the chairs are a satiny grey, whereas the table legs are glossy metal.  So, I had the brilliant idea to spray paint the chair legs and see if that unifies them.  Nick saw that I was spray-happy and decided to give me an even better idea – why not try out silver chairs?  We had one chair that was a bit stained and needed to be replaced anyway, and for 10 bucks a chair, it was worth a shot.  So, while Nick was having drilling adventures to get our curtains up, I headed out to the balcony with some new paint.  This time I tried Rustoleum Specialty Metallic, since Home Depot didn’t have my beloved Krylon.

The job was super amateur, and I probably should have used a primer first, but I threw caution to the wind and decided to wing it.  And here are the results:

You can see I’ve put the silver chair next to a plain white chair for comparison.  It was kind of nice, we kind of liked it.  But we didn’t love it, and it was nowhere near a perfect match to the table legs.  In fact, the legs barely look different at all.  Plus there were a few flaws due to the seat and backing texture.  Le sigh.  Oh well, just goes to show you that not everything works out.  I’m mainly sharing this in the interests of transparency, since it’s so annoying to only post the perfect parts.  Also, who knows?  Maybe someone out there is thinking of spray painting an Ikea Laver chair just for kicks, and wants to know what would happen.  Now you know.  What happens is meh.

Any little DIY mishaps happening to you guys? 


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