A Lovely Anniversary Weekend

Last week Nick and I had our second wedding anniversary (you can read all about the wedding here).  In truth, we can both hardly believe it’s been two years already, and we’re still in the happy newlywed mindset, so we’re very happy about that!  We both had a day of vacation during the week, which we spent together, relaxing, enjoying the glorious weather, and generally basking in each other’s company.  One of the highlights of the mid-week celebrations was a homemade steak dinner paired with homemade wine on our balcony, check out some pictures from that lovely evening.

We also continued one of our anniversary traditions, reciting our vows to each other again.  That always brings happy tears to my eyes, and brings us back to the very beginning of our marriage.

I also managed to check off one of my anniversary wish list items – I had ordered a custom cake, inspired by our wedding cake.  So we brought out our cake topper and enjoyed a nostalgic dessert as well.  Mmmm, marble cake with strawberry filling delicious memories.

Once the weekend hit, we had a romantic getaway planned.  We hopped onto the direct Toronto to Stratford shuttle to spend the weekend enjoying the little city and its wonderful theatre.  It was a great time walking around a picturesque little city, with a quite vibrant and charming downtown.  In the evening, we went to the Festival Theatre and watched this season’s production of Romeo and Juliet, a fittingly romantic play and my favourite Shakespeare play.

The next day, we got to explore more of Stratford’s downtown and beyond, venturing onto side streets and meandering through residential neighbourhoods.  We also explored the beautiful waterfront of the Avon River, complete with charming bridges and islands, and plentiful idyllic swans and ducks happily bobbing about.

By Sunday evening we were back home in Toronto, feeling relaxed and full of fresh air.  All in all it was a lovely, romantic weekend filled with sweet memories.  And we’ll definitely be back, Stratford, you’ve charmed us both!

(Cast photo of Romeo and Juliet from the Stratford Festival’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/StratfordFestival/photos_stream )

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