The Poang Heist

Okay, there wasn’t really a heist.  There was however, the hurried renting of a pickup truck and driving out to Markham, so that was adventurous!  but let’s go back to the beginning of the story.

Basically, we were looking for some comfy chairs to add some more seating to our living area.  Even though when I was younger I didn’t quite understand the appeal (or the physics) of the iconic Ikea Poang chair, pretty soon we were drooling over these beauties:

So we started to save our pennies, since $180 a piece isn’t exactly cheap, and we wanted two chairs with the leather cushions.  Somewhere along the way (probably as I was reading the amazing Young House Love), I had a lightbulb moment – so many people have the classic Poang chair, wouldn’t we be able to find a good deal on Kijiji or Craigslist?  So, I started doing regular searches to see what would come up, and one day a fantastic ad came up – two chairs were available in Markham for $30 each!

What followed was a flurry of phone calls and emails to the seller and to Nick, as well as renting a pick-up truck from Zipcar.  We drove out to a Storage Mart, where all the furniture was packed up and ready to go, and 20 minutes later, we were driving home with 2 gorgeous new Poang chairs.  They’re actually the medium-brown wood finish, instead of the black-brown we had initially picked up.  However, at $60 for the pair, we were more than happy with them.  They regularly retail for $360 for the pair, so we got them at an 83% discount – yay!  We may have (definitely) given each other a nerdy high five, we’re that cool.

Here they are, chilling in our living room – aren’t they beautiful?  We love them, and may have wanted to hug them.

So that’s the story of the Poang non-heist.  Do you guys love Ikea Poang chairs?  Any good Craigslist or Kijiji adventures to share?  Do tell.

(Photo at top from Ikea Canada website at )

3 responses to “The Poang Heist

  1. Good work .. I love it!!

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