The Big Shipment

Who likes going for groceries?  Probably very few people.  I don’t mind it, but I’m not one to enjoy it really, and I pretty much never go to multiple stores.  And sadly, farmer’s markets are depressing and infuriating all in one to me.  I honestly wish I could love them, and tote a cute basket around, smelling produce and carefully selecting cheeses, but no.  So it’s pretty much always been the closest supermarket.  Unfortunately, I found myself kind of unhappy with the meat section.  Fresh meat, be it chicken, beef, etc. tends to be quite expensive in this area, and not exactly super tasty.  Plus, due to water, it shrinks when cooked.  Boo.  Luckily we found a solution.

Enter Nutrafarms.  They’re a local company here in Ontario, and the basic model is frozen quality meat in bulk.  Their meats are locally grown, and with all the good stuff you’d want – free range, hormone-free, grass-fed beef, etc.  They also have frozen vegetables, as well as some other pantry items available.  This made me feel good about having high quality, nutritional food available.  The savings comes in because you get a big shipment all at once that’s supposed to last 12-18 months.  They even include the deep freezer!

We first tasted their products when at a friend’s house for lunch, and the chicken, beef, and sausage were delicious!  You could have easily convinced me that they had gone to the farmer’s market that morning to buy it, or that the sausages were from a cutesy little European meat shoppe.  So we knew tasty meat would be on the menu.  You also get to pick what you want or don’t want from a huge selection.  Our preference, with the dishes we like, is we got loads of lean ground beef, loads of chicken breast, some steak, bacon, sausage, ground chicken and premade burgers, skipping fish, pork, and other items like wings, but that’s just our tastes.

This is our first time using Nutrafarms’ services, and thus far we’re quite happy.  We just got our delivery, check out our freezer! Also, extra prep space on top = bonus!

And here it is open, packed with delicious meats and vegetables.  Nick is super happy about this, since he loves his protein.

I’ll keep you guys updated as we go, but we’re really happy right now.  We tried grilling up the chicken with absolutely no spices to see how it tasted by itself, and it was amazing!  Flavourful, hearty, and juicy – I can’t wait to try it with seasonings and marinades, mmmm…. and I love knowing that even if I have no ideas and I’ve neglected a grocery run (or two or three, it’s happened), I have veggies and meat on hand to whip up dinner anytime.  I’m also looking forward to shorter grocery trips, really just to pick up dairy products, fruit or fresh produce we might want, and simple pasta/peanut butter/paper towels.  So, if any of you lovely readers are in Ontario, I recommend this service for sure.

I’m also planning on looking into growing some veggies or fruit if possible in our apartment, maybe even from scraps!  It makes me feel all green and organic, but really it’s from being lazy and cheap, haha.

Have any of you guys tried or found some good grocery delivery or local grocery programs?  Do share 🙂


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