A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

We put up some art on our walls!  Woohoo!  File this under simple cheap upgrades.  I’m not too sure why we had been putting this off for so long, since it really only amounted to about 20 minutes of work to hang everything thus far.

First I tried to recreate our Black & White photo setup up above our desk (this was the idea of the Chicago canvas on top, lined up with the tango couple and Eiffel Tower posters below).  Um, yeah, those posters are gorgeous, but getting a bit cumbersome.  And a little torn.  I thought I would try sticky tack since it’s touted as a much cleaner and easier way to stick up posters (and supposedly leaves no residue), but it was kind of a fail.  So, I gave up on the posters and packed them away.  But the canvases were due to go up.  So, we mounted the Chicago canvas on the opposite wall, above our cute bookcases, seen here:

And our favourite ever wedding canvas facing the sofa.  We always get compliments on this one, and it’s probably one of our favourite wedding pictures from the whole day!

We already have plans to change this up, though.  Eventually, the TV will be wall-mounted roughly where the wedding canvas is, and the wedding canvas will replace the Chicago one, which will be moved into a custom mini mudroom we’ve got planned (exciting!).

And then since we were hanging stuff up, we decided to keep going with the non-art stuff.  We hung up a nice big whiteboard just outside the kitchen.  We use that whiteboard for reminders, to-do lists, plenty of stuff, so we’re planning on making that little corner sort of a “home base”, complete with whiteboard calendar and a bulletin board!  So many plans!

And we finally got our full-length mirror up in the bedroom.  We just hung it up on the closet door that is perpetually open.  Now we can stop crazy bedhead and wacky outfits before they even leave the bedroom – excellent!

As for how, it was super simple, which is good since we’ve got the aforementioned changes on the way.  The canvases were the easiest, since the frame makes for a nice ledge that hangs easily.  Basically Nick held up the canvas while I stood across the room to figure out a rough placement.  Then I’d use the level to make it straight, and draw 2 thin pencil lines tracing the top of the canvas.  After that, Nick hammered in 2 small nails right on those lines, and we gently set the canvas on top of the nails.  Done!  Not super child proof, but unless the canvases decide to jump or otherwise defy gravity, we’ll be fine for years.  The mirror and whiteboard were a bit special.  Same process for finding the location on the wall, but these two had wires across the back, so we simply nailed in one of those small hook-like picture hangers, and hung the wire on the hook.  Voila!  Art!

I’ve always been of the opinion that art is one of the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades you can do.  It usually takes very little in terms of time, effort, and money (once you have the art), and really makes a room feel more personal and home-like, it does wonders for the atmosphere.  You can add sophistication, whimsy, and lots of other elements with some simple art that doesn’t even have to be expensive.  And it always helps when the art is meaningful.  We adore our wedding canvas so much – we made it on Shutterfly, so it was shipped right to our home.  It’s personal art, and looking at it always reminds us of our beautiful wedding day, and conjures up those bubbly in-love feelings.  I eventually want some art in every room of the apartment, including the bathroom and kitchen.  And mirrors are both beautiful and practical, so I love hanging a beautiful mirror when it makes sense.

Have you guys done any simple upgrades recently?  Or do you have a favourite piece of art hanging in your home?  Spill, we want to hear it!


3 responses to “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

  1. Those are great Delia. I love printing my photos on canvas. They are the perfect touch of decor in my house. I usually use Canvas Press. I am in love with their quality. Don’t know if you have heard of them (http://www.canvaspress.com). Thanks for sharing that…and great photos too!

    • Hi Kristi! Thank you so much for your comment, I think canvas printed photos are such a great way to get big-impact decor for way less than other large artworks. I’ve never heard of Canvas Press, I’ll have to check them out – thanks for the tip!

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