Perfectly Folded

Today, I’ve got some organizing ideas for you guys!  Okay, one organizing idea.  But it’s a really good one – folding sideways.

Basically I saw this tip on Lifehacker.  The main idea is that you fold your clothes, and then place them in your dresser drawers sideways, as in on their edge.  The idea is that you can then see everything, and it should keep your dressers less messy.

So, I decided to give it a shot, because while my dressers tend to stay pretty tidy, they still get a bit messed up over time.  And as for Nick’s dresser?  Yeah, we just won’t even go there.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical.  I couldn’t really wrap my head around the physics, and feared that the clothes would sort of collapse in on themselves.  I usually fold our clothes into thirds vertically (so there isn’t a big crinkle in the front) and then in half.  Instead, I folded into vertical thirds, but then played around with the horizontal fold – some items just needed 2 horizontal folds, some needed three.  Sweaters and bulky items I tended to roll.

Now, ladies and gents, I present to you – our drawers.  Check these out.

You can see the pictures on the top, which are Nick’s dresser drawers.  On the bottom, we have mine.  I omitted pictures of the drawers that contain, well…. our drawers.  But anyways.  Aren’t these all so pretty?  And so nice and neat?  Believe me, I feel so put together and organized when I open these, they’re such a breeze!  And they stay like that!  I pretty much feel like we’re living in showroom home, and I love it!

What about you guys?  Any fun organizing ideas?


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