Artistry Mascaras – Product Review

Ahh, mascara.  Such a staple in our makeup bags, and at the same time, ladies, such a hassle if it falls short.  Is there any makeup product that we are as demanding of as mascara?  I’d guess not.  After all, we want it to fill in, lengthen, define, thicken, and volumize lashes.  We want it to make our eyes pop with drama, but still look fairly natural (usually).  We want it to be sweatproof, waterproof, non-streaky, basically permanent, except when we take off our makeup.  Then we want it to wash away as easily as soft powder, and without leaving dark streaks.  And if by (likely) chance we fall asleep with our mascara on, we want it to look good the second day, not give us serious raccoon eyes.

That’s a tall order, and though I’d usually find a decent mascara with a few of those requirements, the perfect one eluded me for quite a while – at least for what I’m willing to spend, since there’s no way I’m shelling out hefty sums of cash for a tiny tube of black war paint with a pipecleaner.  Plus, I already have long, dark, thick, lashes, so I needed something really good to even show up on me.  So imagine my surprise, and elation, when I found not only one, but TWO mascaras that perform super well!  Now, neither of these claim to be waterproof because they do wash off with water, but they don’t streak, instead when they come off, it’s in easy to wipe flakes, so your look is not ruined, nor do you need to scrub for an eternity at night.  Don’t know about you, but that’s even better than waterproof for me!

The first is Artistry’s Length & Definition Mascara.  I first tried this in a Limited Edition that was a Granite colour – so dark grey with a flecks of shimmer, and I loved it!  Now, I use the classic black colour and it’s perfect.  I definitely noticed my lashes looked longer, and more nicely separated.  Also, it stays put all day until I wash it off, and that is done just with my simple cleanser – yay!  I always hate the way you sometimes get an oily residue after makeup remover, so I love just using my cleanser.

Check out this super close-up of my eye before, and after Length & Definition Mascara:

The second one I want to talk about is Artistry Signature Eyes Volume Mascara.  This became an instant favourite and staple for me.  It adds the perfect amount of thickness and drama, giving an almost-falsies effect.  Gorgeous!  And again, stays put all day, and washes off easily with cleanser.

Check out the no-mascara versus Signature Eyes Volume Mascara:

These two products have pretty much become common favourites with a lot of my friends.  I love them both on their own.  And for a special event or really luxe look, they can be layered too – lengthen & define first, then add the volume one on top.  The Length & Definition Mascara can be found here, and the Volume Mascara is available here.  Both are a sizable tube, and only $26.50 before tax, so they’re not the cheapest thing out there, but they beat out all the “luxury” $50+ options.

Have you tried these fantastic make-up products?  Let me know what you think, or if you have other go-tos.


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