Regressing to the Cord

Alright kids, jump into your DeLoreans, we are going back in time!

Okay, not really.  We did, however, get an old-school technological addition (I can’t quite bring myself to call it an upgrade) to our little home.  See, my dear husband has a thing with phones.  He works in inside sales, which means he’s on the phone pretty much all day.  He also has a love/hate relationship with cell phones (yay for convenience, except when trying to fish it out of his pockets while it’s ringing), and smartphones (yes, apps are cool, but can we get one that works well for, you know, making phone calls?)  not to mention the ever-annoying phone battery dying.  Not cool, smartphone, not cool at all.

Sooo, he finally talked me into getting a home phone.  Oh yes siree, we’ve got ourselves a land line!  Why?  Because it’s easier to make calls with, and it never dies or pocket dials.  These were all valid points.  He also pulled out the “but if we have a home phone, we can be a real family” while giving me the adorable puppy eyes.  To which I replied that getting a cat would be more likely to add a family feel.  But he eventually convinced me, with logic (as always).  And the phone itself?  This guy!

I don’t mind it because the black phone at least looks good in our place.  The grey-green on the box pretty much reminded me of Office Space and Pentium 1 computers.  But clearly we are not even of the cordless phone variety.  Nope, we’ve decided to regress all the way to the 90s with our nice touch-tone, corded phone.  We’re not hipster-cool enough to go back to a rotary phone.  As a sidenote, the 90s were a pretty awesome time, and I do remember being maybe 4 years old when my parents got our first touch-tone phone (we had a rotary before), and I thought “this is the future!”

And technically, it is a VOIP phone, so it hooks up to our internet in some fancypants way that I don’t quite understand.  I just had to let you guys know because to me, this is hilarious.  Most people are getting rid of their home phones/landlines since they only use their cellphones.  So “of course” the yuppie couple would buck the trend and regress to expressly get a home phone.  We’ve got a voicemail greeting and everything.

Though I guess this isn’t really too surprising.  We were super late adopters onto the smartphone bizness since it was imperative that our smartphones actually worked well as, uhh, phones first and foremost, and also we didn’t want to pay more for a phone than a computer.  And we still don’t have any sort of tablets or e-readers in the house.  Call us old-fashioned.

What about you guys?  Techno-masters who have all the gadgets, or do you guys also wait around to join in?  Anyone getting a landline set up (holla!)?  Let us know 🙂


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