Josh Groban: In the Round

Recently Nick and I had a more romantic date night than usual.  It didn’t consist of a fancy dinner, and we didn’t even really dress up.  We did, however, go to a concert.  Not just any concert, Josh Groban at the Air Canada Centre.

It was magical.  I saw tickets in a Groupon email earlier in the week, emailed him about it, and with a few clicks, we had amazing plans for a fantastic Friday evening!  I knew subscribing to all those deal emails would pay off 🙂

After a relaxed, simple dinner at home, we leisurely made our way downtown on the subway, and then walked over the venue.  When we arrived, Judith Hill had just taken the stage as the opening act, and her performance was beautiful.

And then of course, there was the main event.  Josh Groban himself took the stage and played a breathtaking show, full of well-known hits as well as some new material.  We had so much fun!  Also, he is really funny when talking in between songs.  One highlight of the evening was when he decided to answer some pre-submitted audience questions, which culminated in a proposal – the whole audience was all applause and aww-s…..  It was a wonderful impromptu night out!  He sang some beautiful new material as well as old classics just as “To Where You Are”, “The Prayer”, “Vincent”, and of course, the encore number was “You Raise Me Up”.  Here are some pictures of the event (classic blurred camera phone shots, but still full of memories):

And here is a picture of us in our seats, which were really good!

What concerts or shows have you guys seen, or want to see?  Any last-minute date night planners out there? 🙂

(Concert promo image from EnergySolutions Arena website at )

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