Because We Can

A week after seeing Josh Groban at the Air Canada Centre, we were back for another show – Bon Jovi in the Because We Can tour, back by popular demand.  Sometimes, the powers that be at Groupon are amazing!This time we were sitting in the 300s, so much farther up than for Josh Groban, but the seats were still quite good.  We had a clear view of the stage and an amazing time!  It was An Evening With Bon Jovi, which meant they had no opening act.  Instead, they took the stage with dramatic lighting and provided one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

They played lots of well-known favourites, including “You Give Love a Bad Name”, “It’s My Life”, “Born to Be My Baby”, as well as new material and some lesser known songs.  Their energy was electric, and they were fantastic the whole evening!  Of course, they also played our favourite Bon Jovi song, “Living on a Prayer”, which was during the encore.

It was amazing to see them live, and definitely felt a little bit surreal since they are such an iconic and long-standing band.  Looking around the audience, we could see all age groups, from teenagers all the way to the original fans, wearing their bandanas and fringed leather jackets straight out of the 80s.

Here are some pictures of the concert, memorable even if the pics are blurry:

And us in our seats:

This was so amazing, because seeing Bon Jovi has been a long-time dream of mine since I was in high school!  Has anyone else gone to see the Because We Can Tour, and want to share your experience?

(Concert footage photo from official tour website at )

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