Home with the Parsons

A while back, we went to town on Kijiji again, and ended up getting a fantastic deal on a set of Parsons chairs.  We’ve been able to use them for a few months now, and we love them!  They were initially intended as seating around the table for eating, but we loved them so much, they’ve become our desk chairs as well!  Here’s the lovely story of how we found these beauties.

We really wanted nice comfy chairs for the dining table, so we sort of developed a crush on these gorgeous Ikea Henriksdal chairs.  We loved them in dark brown leather, aren’t they gorgeous?

But alas, at $129 before tax, the price was a little steep, and with chairs it adds up – we would need 4, so we were looking at over $500 just on chairs (yikes)!  So I decided to look around, all the while saving our pennies.  I learned that this kind of cushioned chair with a high back and no arms is called a Parsons chair.  And I also learned that buying new chairs really wouldn’t go below $50 a chair for faux leather.  Paying about $200 for a set of 4 chairs seemed more manageable.  So in the meantime, we picked up a couple more Laver chairs to fill the need for 4, since they are only $10 each and would become patio chairs afterwards.  We kept saving for the Parsons, and then I looked up Kijiji/Craigslist, and saw these beauties.

We instantly loved them even more than the Ikea ones, and I really liked the tufts!  I thought it added a nice interesting detail.  We had also thought of replacing our office chair, and more Parsons seemed like the perfect option!  We found an ad for $20 a chair (and new in the box!), and immediately contacted the seller.  That night, we rented our neighbourhood pick-up truck from Zipcar and made the 35 minute drive out to Brampton.  Within 20 minutes, we were back on the road, 6 chairs lovingly nestled in the pickup.

Soon after, we assembled the lovelies, moved out the Lavers to their new home on the balcony, and here once again is our finished setup!

The other two chairs we bought will be part of a future project, so they don’t get to sit around the dining table.  What do you guys think of the setup?  Done any fun online thrifting recently?  Share your stories and spoils with me below.(Photo of Henriksdal chair from Ikea Canada website.)


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