It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

First, a quick confession – I am the type that gets all excited about Christmas pretty much in November.  Basically, as soon as the stores start spraying holiday cheer and evergreens everywhere, I bust out the Christmas songs and seasonal everything – I love it!  Especially here in Canada, it’s a perfect way to brighten up our terrible winters a little bit 🙂  So it should come as no surprise that I quickly decided to brighten up our apartment with some Christmas decor, especially since this is the first year we have room for a tree!

I started off simple, with elegant red tall candles in glass holders on our dining table.  Tall candles and tapers always seem so lovely to me, and I love the bright red colour of these.  (Candles, candleholders, and tray all from Ikea)

For the coffee table, I splurged a bit on a fabulous bowl, which will be perfect for all seasons, so it was more than worth it!  I’ve had my eye on this bowl for over 2 years now, so I know I’ll love it for a while.  To add seasonal cheer, I filled it with some bright ornaments.  This look is simple, easy to pull together, and very festive!(Bowl and ornaments from Ikea)

And now for the star of our show – our very first Christmas tree!  About a month ago, there was a big sale on at Canadian Tire when they rolled out their trees and holiday decor, so off we went and picked out this beautiful prelit tree!  We also picked up a few ornaments there, and some more at Ikea.  Here are some close-ups of our picks beyond the basic ball ornaments:

At Canadian Tire, we picked up this beautiful sparkly pink swan, silver deer’s head, and this adorable snowman!  And of course, my lovely little Starbucks cup – not only for my love of their delicious concoctions, but also an ode to many sweet memories spent with friends over coffee ❤

And at Ikea, we got this sweet teddy bear and rocking horse in a 2-pack, as well as a 4-pack of silver tasselled ornaments, and a 4-pack of white ornaments with silver design.  The silver star tree topper was also an Ikea purchase!

So our home has been filled with cheer since early November, with a lovely tree, ornaments, and Christmas music filling the air, though I figured I’d wait until December to post about it!  How are you guys decorating for the holidays?  Any earlybirds like me?


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