I Love… Lists

Hello, dear readers!  How are we all doing on our New Year’s Resolutions?  If you’ve still kept yours, you’re likely one of the few haha 🙂  One common resolution people make is getting more organized, and anyone who knows me well in real life knows that I’m a little crazy for organizing.  Like twisted.  I find great joy in labelling things, organizing things, and don’t even get me started on file folders.  I have been known to jump around wide-eyed, squealing “file folders!” like a little child – a little quirk that started when we were planning our wedding, and I realized my wedding planning kit had colourful, labelled file folders.

I love filing so much…. and lists.  I actually have a spreadsheet in Google Drive called Organizing Lists, which never ceases to amuse Nick.  But seriously, that spreadsheet kind of runs my life.  It’s got the master shopping list (yes, I keep a perpetual shopping list), master to-do list, mailing list for Christmas cards, a tab where I plan out our weekly menus and grocery lists, books to read, restaurants we’ve liked or want to try, wines we’ve liked or want to try, coffee flavours for our Keurig we’ve liked or want to try, packing lists for various occasions…. it’s pretty awesome.

Anyways, since we’ve been having so much fun in the new place, I thought I’d share my home list with you guys, and then we can revisit it later to see progress – yay!  So, I give you, our home list, organized by room, and showing what’s been done as well, and also ideas we’re currently mulling over.

Hallway & Entryway

  • install entryway art (move over the Chicago canvas), wall shelf, and wall hooks to create a mini-mudroom
  • buy a sleek looking key catcher dish and piggy bank for the aforementioned shelf
  • procure and install art (likely a canvas) to cover old intercom speaker
  • look at some different options for shoe storage (something wall mounted and closed?)
  • buy iron & ironing board (this would likely be stored in an entryway closet)


  • fix ugly towel wall – with some semi-gloss white paint
  • install pretty towel rings or hooks for face towels
  • secure bathtub hardware to wall
  • buy bathtub headrest
  • find a cute standalone way to store extra toilet paper rolls – we’re thinking cute basket on a shelf, yet to be installed
  • buy cute toiletries dish to put on top of toilet tank
  • buy cute seashells/stones for toiletries dish, use to display mini toiletries for guests
  • spray paint cabinet hardware (currently in the running, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze) – maybe?
  • install instant granite countertop (yay renter solutions) – maybe?
  • find some cute art for bathroom, maybe a skyline or beach scene
  • frame the mirror – an idea/maybe item?
  • find cute covers for light bulbs – again, a maybe item?


  • buy and install wire shelving add-ons
  • remove kitchen doors into main room
  • spray paint cabinet hardware (currently in the running, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze) – maybe?
  • try growing food from scraps/urban farming
  • install instant granite countertop – again, renter solution – maybe?
  • figure out some sort of bar/beverage storage – maybe DIY?
  • buy leather parsons chairs for kitchen table
  • get a kitchen table
  • receive our Nutrafarms shipment and freezer


  • make & install custom headboard – need wood, foam, spray adhesive, batting, vinyl (in chocolate?  cream? black?), staple gun
  • find and install tieback hooks for curtains – a maybe item
  • hang up guitar on wall for Nick
  • create bedside vanity for Delia
  • look into creating a coffee nook with a Keurig machine, coffee accoutrements, and a mini fridge
  • find/make some art for the bedroom
  • hang a large mirror facing the bed (likely flanked by art on each side)
  • review & clean out under bed storage
  • review & clean out closet
  • buy, assemble, start using Ikea Malm dressers
  • install ceiling-hung curtains
  • drape archway in white Lill curtains
Living Room & Office
  • build custom desk with storage – paint desk semi-gloss white, cabinets TBD
  • upgrade filing box on desktop – paint a pretty colour, get new hanging folders in one colour, label folders – or maybe get a new pretty one?
  • review & clean out filing cabinet
  • review & clean out electronics box
  • wall mount our TV
  • organize stray CDs into a CD Binder
  • get opaque liners for curtains – a maybe item
  • find and install tieback hooks for curtains – a maybe item
  • create a pretty picture frame setup on a wall
  • spray paint doorknobs in chrome/ORB – or replace – maybe?
  • save up for a massage chair
  • spray paint serving tray, vases in chrome
  • install ceiling-hung curtains
  • buy 2 Ikea Poang chairs
  • set up home phone

Whole Home

  • install some gorgeous mirrored wall sconces  and decorative items
  • replace generic light fixtures with something nicer in entry and kitchen


  • get balcony hanging table for patio chairs
  • sell/get rid of gumball machines
  • find cute outdoor table to eat out on balcony

So, there you have it, our ginormous list of stuff that we’re planning, but who knows?  It might change – we had our hearts set on an Expedit TV stand for a while, and now we’re going to DIY something that will fit even better.  You can see that progress is definitely happening, it’s just taking its sweet time.

What about you guys?  Tackling anything around the house?  Any organizational freaks like me?  Tell me I’m not the only one.(Picture of lady with list from From Sarah With Joy at http://fromsarahwithjoy.blogspot.ca/2014/01/how-lists-might-be-enabling.html )

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