Small Ikea Upgrades

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a little while, life off-screen has been a bit hectic lately, and I’m trying to stave off a cold!  Anyways, on to the fun stuff 🙂

A while back, we went on a trip to Ikea for smaller items.  It was lots of fun, especially starting with the Deluxe Breakfast (eggs, sausage, homefries, and french toast for $1.99!) and carrying on to some fun items.  Over the past few months, they’ve really made us smile quite a bit, so we’re sharing those with you.

1. Cute soap dispenser – We’re the type that buys the big refill of hand soap and then refills the bottle over and over, and needless to say, the dispenser was getting a bit dingy.  We brought home the pretty little Mogden soap dispenser, and I really like the crisp white and stainless steel, plus the sleek shape.

2. Archway draping – The lovely arch over our bed was the one we were married under, and for the wedding it was draped in tulle identical to my veil.  It felt a bit bare to me without some draping, so we picked up some of the awesome Lill curtain sheers for a similar effect.  As a bonus, they are the same as the sheers on our windows.

3. Towel hooks – In our sweet & petite bathroom, the one bathroom towel bar wasn’t cutting it for both bath towels as well as face cloths, so we picked up a pack of Lillholmen hooks, popped them on the door, and now have beautiful hooks for towels, face cloths, bathrobes, etc.

4. Patio table – This was less about addressing an issue and more about adding joy.  With the lovely summer weather and phenomenal view, we bought a cheap Melltorp table that perfectly seats two with our Laver chairs so we could enjoy sitting outdoors and eating there.  Since we shopped early on a Saturday, we’ve already used it a fair bit (when it’s warm out), and both Nick and I felt like we were on vacation, enjoying the view while sipping our morning coffee.

5. Photo frames – We got a large Ribba frame for an anniversary photo project, and have since realized we’ll be going back for a few more frames to hang.

6. Ironing board – we picked up this cute little Jall tabletop ironing board, which we can easily place on the coffee table for some ironing while watching TV.  We also picked up a basic Black & Decker iron at the Canadian Tire right next to Ikea.  It’s almost sad that we’ve gone almost 2 years without an iron (though we have a steamer, so we are still civilized), but it’ll be nice to have crisp pressed clothes again, especially for Nick’s dress shirts.

7. Lighting – We love our Not floor lamps, so we picked up another one to illuminate the dining area (gotta love having no ceiling light fixtures in a rental).

Whew, that was a lot!  But these are some of our little upgrades that just make life feel so much better, more functional, and happier.  

Have you guys done any little upgrades around the home, or got any cool shopping finds?

(All catalog photos from Ikea Canada website at

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