Romantic Red Styled for the Office

Just recently as I was getting ready for work, I ended up creating a look I rather liked, one I wanted to keep in mind in the future.  So I figured what better way to document than to share it here!

The photo is portrait style because I’ve basically been living in black office pants all winter in terms of work outfits.  With the weather we’ve been having, I made the mistake of nylons and a cute skirt or dress exactly twice, froze my legs off, and called it a day.

The funny thing is, this outfit was actually inspired by my sweet husband.  I usually wear a nice and somewhat dressy top to the office, but seeing him wear more blazers and suit jackets in the morning made me think of my own blazers, and how cute some of them are.  So I fished around my closet, and found this cute short sleeve blazer from Garage I’ve had for years (it was a gift!), and decide to layer it over a bright cami.  I love layering blazers and sharp jackets over something a bit lacier and more feminine!  I decided on my red cami, since I guess I’m still in a romantic mood after Valentine’s Day.  Neutrals, a pop of colour, and cute tailoring? Check!  I wore a sweet delicate pendant with a red gem heart that Nick bought me for our first wedding anniversary.

I felt great and sharp once I saw myself in the mirror, and then noticed that the type of curls I had done, coupled with my deep side part, looked a little 40s-ish (as in the decade) to me, so I decided to give my makeup a similar twist.  I did my eyes using the Artistry Galaxy Eye Shadow Quad (which I raved about here), using the highlighting shade on the top of my lids, the deep brown below the crease, and then the shimmering black shade along my lash line as a soft gradient, making it just a touch darker than usual.  Keeping in line with the warmer palette, I used Artistry Cheek Colour in Sun Kissed on my cheeks.  And to finish off the look, a dramatic red lip.  I rarely wear red lips as a daytime look, but I think it worked here.  I first lined and filled in my lips with Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Spice, which I use so rarely that I’ve had it for ages.  Then I layered on a bold red lipstick that I’ve also had for years (a sweet purchase from my visit to Cuba).  I applied a coat, blotted, applied another coat, and blotted again, which made for a nice long-lasting look.

All in all, I think this was a cute look, and one I’ll keep in mind for the future.  That said, I am itching to bring out fun colours again for spring!  What are you guys wearing in this last stretch of winter?


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