Effortless Entertaining – Class Up a Quick Dinner

Few things in life are better than sharing some good food with some good friends, I’m sure most of us can agree on that.  I think that’s why so many of us like entertaining… or at least the idea of entertaining.  Pinterest is full of gorgeous table settings and centrepieces, adorable little party favours, fantastic recipes that are great for crowds – you get the idea.  And I’ll admit that I would love to host an elegant themed soiree like that sometime.  In the meantime, though, we all want something easy and simple.

Recently we had some dear friends over for dinner on a Friday evening.  Usually, Friday nights are when we are most likely to order or make a pizza, enjoy some wine, and just relax.  My initial idea was a similar vibe, something quick and easy and relaxed.  One good dish, a good amount of wine, and great friends.  Instead of pizza, I was going to whip up some chicken fried rice, but with quinoa instead – this is one of my favourite dishes to cook because it’s ridiculously easy and quick, but also delicious!  As I started to plan out my grocery list for the next week, though, I thought why not class it up a little?  Surely I can find an effortless appetizer and dessert to frame my main dish, and then it’ll feel a bit more elegant. So that’s exactly what happened!  Here’s our menu for the evening:

Starter:  Wong Wing Frozen Spring Rolls

These babies are ready to pop in the oven, and pop out when it’s time to eat!  I took a pic of the box because I knew they’d be gone in a flash, and I was right 🙂

Main: Chicken Fried Quinoa

A delicious, simple go-to that satisfied comfort food and takeout cravings – recipe coming soon!

Dessert: Strawberries and Chocolate

Literally no effort here.  I washed the strawberries, and set out some dark chocolate sea salt caramels and broken up chocolate bars.

Drinks: A good supply of a white wine, as well as your staples of coffee and water.

And there you have it!  Simple, easy, delicious.  Just the way a casual Friday night dinner should be.

What are your entertaining go-tos?  Friday night staples?


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