Twist Tubes for a Delicious Health Boost!

Does anyone remember the vitamin water craze of a few years ago?  They became really popular my freshman year of university, and I remember Frosh Week (sorry, “O-Week” at Laurier) and everyone guzzling it like it was liquid crack. I’ll admit, I did kind of get hooked on this stuff.  I mean water’s always good for you, but nutrient-enriched water that tastes delicious?  Count me in!  The only thing I wasn’t excited about was paying so much money for a bottle of, well, water.

But then I tried these Nutrilite Twist Tubes, and they were my happy place on this issue.  The best way I can describe them is like a cross between Mio or Crystal Light Singles and Vitamin Water.  They basically come in little plastic sealed vials, and you twist off the top, and then pour/squeeze the contents into a standard 500mL bottle of water.  Then close up the bottle, and shake to disperse.

I really like them because they’re convenient and easy to use.  They have very low calories (like 10/tube), so you know they’re not loaded with sugar.  Instead they have really good servings of nutrients that are good for you.  They taste great though, so I’ve definitely made a big pitcher before, which is nice for a meal (2L of water would need 4 tubes).  There are four flavours available, based on what you like and need.

Raspberry Flavour (Joint Health) – has glucosamine and vitamin C, helps to relieve and prevent joint pain

Strawberry Kiwi (Immunity) – has huge vitamin C boost, as well as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6, to help boost the immune system and fight off infections

Mango Citrus & Twisted Berry (Fruits & Veggies) – contains 2 servings of fruit and vegetables in one tube

I drink all 4 flavours regularly, and they are basically a nutritional supplement, they’re that good and high in nutrients.  Plus they pretty much taste like juice, so this would be a great option for kids or people who don’t like taking vitamins.  Sometimes I’ve even put two into a bottle to mix flavours, or added a bit of lemon juice to make it like flavoured lemonade!  Can I let you in on a little secret?  I’ve even mixed the finished drink with a little bit of rum to turn it into a bit of a cocktail, pretty yummy!

Here’s a picture of an individual tube.And this is what it looks like once mixed with water.

As for price, they’re a steal.  The Fruit & Veggies ones are $23 for 20 tubes ($1.15 each tube), and all the Joint Health and Immunity flavours are $23 for 30 tubes ($0.76 each tube), which is peanuts compared to almost $3 for one bottle of vitamin water at the store, and you can buy them here.

Have you tried these tubes?  Thoughts on them?

(Photo of VitaminWater bottle from VitaminWater Canada website at )

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