Closet Spring Cleaning with Tim

I figure we’re midway through March, so I’m starting to call it spring.  In spite of the fact that Toronto got yet another dump of snow, I’ve pulled out my spring makeup colours, gotten my tax files together, and I’m not looking back – even if I am still bundled up in layers and scarves and boots!  One of my larger seasonal tasks is spring cleaning, and I’m hoping to get a head start this year.

Spring cleaning is a beautifully cathartic ritual for me, but it wasn’t always that way.  I remember being a young girl, and my mother would ask me once school was out to make sure to go through all my belongings, get rid of what was no longer in good shape or useful, and note down what needed repair or replacement.  This was in addition to the fashion show that accompanied the seasonal clothing migration in late March, where I would try on almost everything to see what no longer fit or needed to be replaced or mended, while making sure my winter clothes were in mint condition before being packed away.  And honestly, at first I dreaded the spring (or I guess summer) cleaning, and usually got it done in the last week of August, begrudgingly.  Once I was in my later teens, and had become the neat freak I am today, I would happily do my spring cleaning in the very first week of summer, or even earlier if I had time!  Now I loved the freeing feeling of ridding myself of clutter, and also of winter, not to mention the newly pristine state of my desk, closet, and dressers.

And that glorious time of year has struck again.  I’ll be slowly working my way through the apartment, with bookshelves and boxes and the pantry all getting a good clean.  For my closet, though, I’ll be using a different approach this year.  And this is where Tim gets involved.  I’m referring to Tim Gunn, the fashion guru behind Project Runway.  I’ve been reading his book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, which is amazingly and fascinatingly thorough in discussing just about every aspect of clothing.  

Working through the chapters, many have a box to see if that garment fits right.  At the back, there is also a closet worksheet.  I plan to work through these to help me get rid of items that aren’t fitting me quite the best.  Of course, everything fits, but I’m sure not everything is ideal in its fit, and there are some clothes I have that I’d like to replace. Although they serve their purpose, I’m not very fond of them anymore, and I have too many clothes as it is – a fact that becomes a downright burden when we do laundry and have to fold, iron, and put away too many clothes.  We all have those clothes, don’t we?  Those blouses that sit at the back of your closet, and you sigh and put it on when you’re getting ready and notice you’re out of clean blouses you like way more.

Of course, this will be quite the project, spanning several weeks (hopefully not months).  I’ll update as we have progress, and who knows?  I might even try my hand at selling some used clothes that are still in great condition, but don’t really fit my style anymore 🙂

Are you guys doing spring cleaning this year?  Have you read Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible?  I’d highly recommend it!  I got it out of the library, but if I like it enough, I just might buy it so I always have a copy on hand.

(Photo of Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible from Amazon)

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