Awakening after the Equinox

The sun is shining almost daily now.  The snow is melting, and most days are softly cool, filled with fresh air that is almost pleasant.  Dare I say it – spring seems to be upon us.  It’s been long-awaited, and I trepidatiously welcome it, almost scared that if I reach out too quickly, it will run away, like an ephemeral and delicate young doe.

Yet finally, at long last, it is time to reawaken.  I always underestimate just how much the seasons and climate affect me.  Where mere days ago I felt utterly powerless to do anything beyond the day-to-day, I now feel renewal and excitement for change.  This is when I purge and simplify my possessions, when I truly renew and cleanse my body.  My chrysalis is slowly opening, and I am drinking in the sunshine.

Right now, Nick and I are doing one of my favourite cleansing diets, boosting our metabolisms and happily, rediscovering simple pleasures and simple delicious meals.  We are content, enjoying the luxury of a delightful cup of tea.  The plan after this is to then ease into a healthier routine, a slow build to regular exercise, and more healthful choices.  At the same time, we have been blessed with some lovely abundances, and in turn are increasing our efforts to bless others, to be thankful.

And of course, it is also the season of spring cleaning, sorting through and purging the clutter.  I’m slowly learning to work and plan at a manageable pace.  Often, I’ve either wanted to overhaul everything or sit and do nothing despondently.  Of course, neither is really a good idea in the long run.  So, I must learn – learn to accept the somewhere in between, learn to plan enough to keep motivated, but not to exhaustion.  It is better to work slowly and steadily towards a higher quality, lasting result.  One file at a time, one drawer at a time, one room at a time.  I’m good at multitasking, but I’ve been doing far too much of it, and right now I’m learning to let things move at their more natural pace.

Most importantly of all, my journey of faith has passed a landmark.  I feel like I’ve been searching for certain answers for a very long time, and the answers have come, and with it, a peace and happiness unlike anything else.  Serenity.  For so long I have either felt like a frail rose quivering in the wind, or like I was shielding myself, trying to appear tough to hide fear and old wounds.  For the first time in a long time, both of those have been replaced with quiet and calm, and I can be still from the very depths of my soul.  The earth is awakening at long last, and so am I.



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