Spring Cleaning & Simple Apple Breakfast/Snack

Our cleansing diet continues here at Casa Raats, and happily it is progressing nicely.  Done in parallel with spring cleaning, the whole experience feels very rejuvenating and clean.  This past weekend, we cleaned out and went through both of our dressers and already have a large bag of torn/ratty clothes to throw away, and a hamper full of clothes to give away.  I posted before about Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, and I’m using that to work through my clothes.  My plan is simple – as you might remember, I’m learning not to overload myself.  So, having started with the dressers, I will slowly work around the apartment, doing small chunks of cleaning and sorting throughout the week, and the bigger parts on the weekend.  Currently my plan looks like this:

  • Tonight – Top half of nightstand
  • Wednesday – Bottom half of nightstand
  • Thursday – my hanging clothes (Nick did his on the weekend)
  • Friday – odd corners of bedroom
  • Weekend – top shelf of bedroom closet as well as floor storage

As I go through these, I also clean the specific area in detail, like the shelf or dresser drawers.  I’ll also set aside one day each for seasonal cleaning tasks, like using the Magic Eraser on scuffs, inspecting tile grout, etc.  I’ll keep you guys posted!

And now for the apple part of today’s post.  We’re each allowed one fruit from a small list for breakfast on this diet, and we usually go for an apple – it’s nice and filling, has fiber and is hydrating, all great things for mornings.  However, previous rounds of this diet have taught me that simple ingredients and meals can be even better when prepared a bit more, and chopped up smaller, as they feel more substantial.  So, here’s how I’ve been enjoying my apples.  (Note: I’ve only prepared them this way with sweeter varieties, like Fuji.  I doubt it would work as well with Granny Smith).

First, I chop the apple into small cubes in a bowl, slightly smaller than bite-sized.  Next I sprinkle on some cinnamon  – I like lots of cinnamon! – and a packet of sweetener.

After this, I add a bit of water, maybe 1-2 tbsp, and toss everything together to mix the apple and get the spices uniformly spread.  I toss it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds, and out comes a delicious treat that tastes a bit like warm apple pie filling!  It looks like this:

I know it’s simple, and not very many calories, but it’s nice in the morning.  I like the taste so much, I’m planning to keep this little trick in mind for when I’m off the diet – if I’m craving some apple pie, I’d rather whip this up (maybe with real raw sugar instead of sweetener then), and save myself the calorie bomb!

Anyone else cleaning out their closets?  (And if that made the Eminem song get stuck in your head, I’m sorry.)




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