Life in the Fast Lane

Granted, the title is a bit of a misnomer, since our new mode of transportation doesn’t go out on highways, not to mention the fast lane.  Nevermind that.  We are proud to say we got ourselves some horsepower!  In the form of… a motorcycle!  Here is our new(ish) acquisition, a Kawasaki Ninja 250cc model, isn’t she purdy? 

Granted, at this point, she’s not exactly a new purchase.  We bought the Ninja back in the late fall, but then after a very short riding season, it basically hibernated all winter.  This whole adventure started with Nick getting frustrated with his commute.  It’s not too bad of a trip, per se, but once you add in all the construction around the downtown and lakeshore, it becomes quite the ordeal.  So he thought he’d get a bicycle to ride to work and be done with it.

Well, in any other city, that would be fine, but here in Toronto that would be pretty risky, especially in rush hour, so there was no way I would let my sweet husband expose himself to those risks.  I suggested a scooter, which we had already been discussing as an option for some time.  Well, in a matter of weeks, he did loads of research, and took action – getting his licence, doing the safety training course, looking at what gear was necessary and then buying it.  We had already been saving towards a goal like this, so the cash was on hand.  Here he is about to embark on his motorcycle course:

Needless to say, once he had done the needed course, which was riding on actual motorcycles, the scooter seemed way less attractive than just getting an actual motorcycle.  After even more research, and days and days of trolling Craigslist and Kijiji, an ad came up right in our neighbourhood for the exact one he wanted, and at a good price point too!  We headed over, looked at the bike, and arranged to meet later in the week to finalize the paperwork and make the purchase.

He’s been riding it for a few weeks now that spring is back, and he loves it!  He rides it for his daily commute to work, which is a far more enjoyable way to start the day, as well as for running small errands, and a few fun rides.

Now, the other main reason we wanted to buy this is so we can both travel with it.  However, I tend to be a scaredy-cat about pretty much everything.  We had to gently ride around the parking garage a few times first before we even braved the roads with both of us on it.  Having ridden on it on the roads now, we can both safely say this is probably not the most ideal option for riding together.  Nick found it odd at first adjusting to driving with two people on board, and from the passenger seat, you can feel every little bump in the road, which is not so fun.  It’s definitely workable, and it’s been such a huge help when we want to quickly jaunt across town or run a brief errand, but this does have us considering a change to something a bit more comfortable.  For now, though, it’s perfect for Nick and he loves riding it, so it’s been a fun little addition to our lives.

Any motorcycle riders out there?  Sportbike or cruiser devotees?  Feel free to chime in with your experiences!


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