Hot Wheels

I’m not referring to the super cool toy cars of the 90s.  Does anyone remember those? 

What I am referring to is our new set of wheels – our first car!

Isn’t it pretty?  To be sure, it’s not the sleekest machine, but it was a great deal and runs really well!

You may recall that we already have a motorcycle, which is actually our main vehicle (cause that’s not odd at all).  The bike is awesome, fast, fuel efficient, and generally great for the city, however it does have a few drawbacks.  For starters, storage space is very limited, basically just what can be fit into a backpack.  It’s also not the best in bad weather, and the ride itself isn’t super comfortable or relaxed for longer trips.  I know, I’m stating the obvious when it comes to a sports bike.  Another thing – I have cute outfits that I want to wear, and the bike wouldn’t safely allow for that!  So although we had looked a bit at getting a cruiser for more comfort, a lot of the other issues with storage and me not wanting to wear jeans, boots, and a leather jacket in the middle of the summer would still persist.  This brought up a seemingly crazy question – what if we could get a car for the amount we’d spend on a motorcycle?  If the insurance was reasonable, it would be perfect.

So, Nick set about his methodical research, and found a listing of all possible cars to buy along with their risk factors.  Using this, he optimized to find the least risky cars to insure, and narrowed it down to 4 options – I love this man and his amazing mind!  Next he looked up AutoTrader and Kijiji/Craigslist, and found this gorgeous car going for under $2,000.

Within a week (yes, a week), we had ourselves this beauty in our parking spot, ready to hit the road with our very own plates and everything!

We’ve loved having a car, because it makes long trips so much easier!  We’ve used it for visiting family that lives over an hour away, and in town we’ve used it for shopping like groceries, which we tried once with the bike, and was not fun at all – you try cramming a week’s worth of food into a backpack, and then you’ll know what I mean.  We’ve both lived without a car for so long that we’re constantly discovering new little joys of having one – like how we can just leave CD’s and tote bags in the car for when we need them, and last weekend, we went to the car wash!  It was very exciting for us 🙂

It’s not a super cool car, but it’s our little 4-wheeled baby, and we love it!  For cool wheels, we’ve always got the Ninja!

Do you guys have fun car/vehicle buying stories?  Is anyone else weird like us, and uses the “fun” vehicle as the main one?

(Pic of Hot Wheels toy cars from Wikipedia)

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