Double Feature: His and Hers Concerts

Nick and I agree and see eye to eye on many things, but in some areas our tastes are very different.  One example – our taste in music.  Happily, we both really enjoy well-written, well-played competently executed music, so we both quite enjoy the other’s preferences, and of course our shared love of 80s hair metal is a nice common ground!

However, he gravitates towards heavier, more technical music with mindblowing solos, crazy time signature changes, and a huge focus on amazing instrumentalists.  I think this is partly because of learning how to play the drums, which he is fantastic at.  No wonder then, that one of his favourite bands is Dream Theater.  I really like them as well, even if they’re not the first thing I’d put on if I had the choice.

So we went to a Dream Theater concert when they were last in town, and it was amazing!  This was part of their Along For The Ride Tour, a super fun evening that was packed with truly astounding music.  We both had a great time, and I like their sound much more with Mike Mangini drumming  (Cue the onslaught of angry fanboys, if by some strange accident progressive metal fanboys ended up here on this girly blog).

I’ll admit, I find their music a bit too much for, say, doing housework, but to simply sit and focus on the music was amazing, and I was completely captivated by the astonishing mastery these gentlemen have in their music.  Here are some pictures from the event, which was here in town at Massey Hall.

As for myself, I come from a different school of musical thought.  I grew up pretty much with light music around the house (there was a lot of Abba and Boney M), and mainly did singing, being in choirs and in vocal class at school.  I adore soft romantic ballads, soaring love songs, and musical theatre.  One of my all-time favourite musical acts is Il Divo, and I’ve been enamoured with their music since they first came onto the scene 10 years ago.  So naturally, we went to their concert as part of their A Musical Affair Tour.  In a completely different way, it was an enchanting evening of amazing music, almost entirely made up of musical theatre songs performed to perfection, and with Lea Salonga as a special guest (the movie singing voice of Princess Jasmine!).  This was a romantic evening at the Sony Centre, full of lush orchestrations and the group’s angelic voices.  We got some pictures too 🙂

What music do you guys like?  Been to any good shows lately?  And for those of you in relationships, do you and your significant other have similar tastes in music, or worlds apart? 🙂



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