Dash of Pink is Two!

Yay, we’ve had another fun year here at Dash of Pink!  It seems like time has flown by 🙂  They grow up so fast *sniff*

Thank you so much, sweet friends!  Without you, there really wouldn’t be much of a reason for this little corner of the internet to exist.  We’ve had more likes and comments, and that is so wonderful!

A bit like last year, I thought some stats would be in order, plus it’ll be fun to see how far we’ve come 🙂  So here we go, Dash of Pink by Numbers – 2014 Edition:

  • 108: number of published posts to date (34 – 2013 number)
  • 22: number of total comments (6 – 2013 number)
  • 118: most blog hits in a day (118 – 2013 number, same day is still the champ!)
  • 8,090: total blog hits to date (2,289  – 2013 number)
  • 6: average posts per month (3 – 2013 number)
  • 447: number of average words per post (495 – 2013 number)
  • 403: number of Pinterest followers (304 – 2013 number)
  • 74: number of countries we’ve had views from (What?!)

Wow, look at that growth, guys!  I am always astounded to see these numbers, and sooo grateful that so many of you choose to spend some time with me here!

And since we all love dessert, here’s the updated pie chart of how the various topics are split up, compared to last year.

Well, that looks a lot more balanced than last year!  I’m also glad that I posted a bit more about health (granted, some of those are expressly healthy recipes, but I’m still happy about it!)

You may recall that last year, I set some goals for myself and DoP.  Let’s see how the year went, and I’ve got some new goals for the next year.

Goal #1: Post more consistently – check!

New goal: Plan out posting more consistently – I really feel that readers get value from the different categories, and maybe even some that I don’t post as often, so I’d like to have it planned out a bit more in advance to offer a good selection of current posts on the various topics we like to talk about here.

Goal #2: More regular categories – hmm, kind of dropped the ball here.  Luckily there was more regularity, even if they weren’t given a label like Food Fridays.

New goal:  An extension of #1, really, since more planning in advance will help with adding a regular category or two.

Goal #3: Find balance between work, business, blog, and real life.  This one is really a constant goal, but progress has been made.  Instead of a constant feeling of imbalance, now there is generally a good baseline with occasional hectic spurts.

New goal:  Keep working on this, and actively take time to relax and refocus – balance, reflect, enjoy the moment.

So, there you have it.  A look back at Year Two, and my goals for the next year at Dash of Pink!  And of course, I want to express a heartfelt thanks to you, the readers.  You are really the reason for Dash of Pink to even exist, this little corner of the web,  and my life is so much better for it.  Year Two has already been much better than expected, here’s to a Year Three filled with even more life, love, beauty, and PINK!

(Picture of birthday cake from Clker.com)




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