This summer has been…

ow has your summer been so far?  For us, this summer has been one with many multiple facets.  I can already tell it’s one I’ll look back on fondly.

On one side, relaxing, renewing, and outdoors.  This summer has been full of fresh air, long walks, and sun-kissed skin.  With having a car have come numerous days by a nice beach, filled with splashing around in the water, colourful beach towels, and getting that golden bronze on the sand.  It’s the first summer since 2009 that I’ve even had a tan without the help of a tropical vacation.  It’s been punctuated by lazy mornings, gorgeous sunsets, and warm evening light.  Even now, as we have unseasonally cool weather, this city is stepping out in defiance of that, to soak up every drop of sunshine and heat that can be captured.

On the other side, for us, there is a sense of anticipation.  Even the relaxing beach days usually have a deep discussion about the future.  Planning, dreaming, building.  Looking towards tomorrow with a renewed ambition and excitement.  Taking the time to weigh decisions, seeking what will actually bring us closer to making our big dreams come true.  We’ve mapped things out, invested in our future and ourselves, rearranged to optimize our little home all over again.  I feel a tingle in the air, like when you know a storm is coming, even though it’s a clear and sunny day.  Something different, something… new, just around the corner.  There is an energy in the air, and a gleam of excitement that I haven’t seen in a long time.

What has this summer meant to you?  How will you remember it?



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