Our new media area!

Well, I’ve been shuffling around the apartment again!  And by that I mean moving things around the apartment (as opposed to walking around without picking up my feet).  I find that working within a limited amount of space and trying to fit in a whole bunch of uses turns me into a bit of a brunette Goldilocks – it all has to be not too much, not too little, and fit just right – which means lots of thinking, re-thinking, and usually a few different designs before I find the right one.  This is another one of those moments.  It’s still sort of in progress, but I wanted to share with you all where we are thus far!

You might already know how much I love hotels and hotel rooms – they have so many little luxuries that I want to bring into our home!  The fluffy towels, the collection of pillos… and I certainly wouldn’t mind someone else cleaning the entire place and changing our linens every day, but that’s a different topic.  For now, our bedroom is well on its way to becoming like a cute little hotel room.  Yay!

First, we decided to move the TV into the bedroom.  I know, this is a touchy subject for a lot of people, but for us it’s worked out much better.  We rarely used it when guests were over, so we decided to make the living area more conversation-oriented, and this way, we can watch movies while snuggled up in bed (which has always been a special luxury when we stayed at hotels).  We realized that putting the bed up against the southern wall of the room meant we could move the dressers, and that they would make a perfect TV stand!  It’s still very much a work in progress, since we’re planning on mounting some wall shelves around the TV instead of just stacking up the old TV stand and some decorative bins, but we’re getting there, bit by bit.

Another favourite feature of hotel rooms for me is the coffee/sitting nook.  We decided to replicate that here by bringing in our Poang chairs into the bedroom, facing the TV.  Now we can comfortably recline in them to watch TV if we wish, but you might also notice the cute little black bar fridge next to them.  Currently we’ve been using that to keep drinks nearby, but our plan is to pop a sweet coffee machine on top of it, and keep milk/cream, waters, and some snacks in there.  It’ll be just like the mini-fridge in hotel rooms, but without paying $5 for a bottle of water 🙂 Another little luxury is that on a lazy weekend morning, we’ll be able to make a delicious cup of coffee to enjoy in bed without even leaving the room… so cozy!

There will be more later on where the drumset ended up, and what’s happened to the living area, but for now this is what the bedroom looks like.  What do you guys think?  And how do you feel about TV’s in the bedroom?


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