What a Designer Wallet Taught Me

Today I have a story to share with you, dear friends.  You see, although I enjoy fashion and style, I’ve never really been one to care for brand names and designer labels.  Couture is beautiful, but it’s doubtful I would tote around a purse whose material is entirely emblazoned with the label’s logo – personally that wouldn’t suit me.

However, a few months ago I did something rare for me – I went into Yorkville (the ritzy area here in town), and in a designer boutique, I bought myself a designer wallet – specifically a Kate Spade wallet in aqua blue.  It’s beautiful, it’s luxurious, it’s high quality, and it taught me an important lesson.

You see, one of the main reasons that I haven’t usually gone in to those shops is that I felt out of place, and that it would be selfish to want these high-end things.  At the root of it all, I didn’t feel good enough, or worthy enough.  Isn’t that silly?

Fortunately, I had started working with an amazing coaching program, and was actively working on things like my sense of self-worth.  Nick and I have big dreams, and we know we’re destined for far more than being average and just getting by, so I knew this would just be another hurdle on the path.

So, knowing and feeling secure in the decision financially, I went in and bought this fancy wallet.  To me, this was not frivolous or shallow.  It was a deeply thought about and carefully weighed decision, and I knew that every time I pulled that wallet out I would be reminded that my life is meant to be far more than average.  And you know what’s funny?  When I walked in to that boutique, I didn’t feel out of place, I didn’t think I was selfish.  I was confident, self-assured, and what surprised me the most, I was treated well.  It didn’t feel like everyone was sizing me up, but rather they were glad to see me, and I was glad to be there.

I know that it’s a silly little story, but that moment taught me so much about feeling worthy, about self-image, and that luxury is not wrong.  And here’s what the pretty little thing looks like:

Have you ever ended up learning something about yourself while shopping?  Or found a designer or shop you really like?  I know Kate Spade is one of my new favourites now!


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