Christmas Decor in the Castle in the Sky

Well, it’s that time of year again!  Time to break out the tinsel and holly, make peppermint cocoa and Christmas cookies – yay!!! If you picture me skipping around obnoxiously cheerful singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” like a parent in those back-to-school commercials, you’d have a pretty accurate picture of how I feel.  So we’ve had our tree up since oh, November 1st, but out of consideration for those not as cheer-happy, I’ve held off on the decorations post until now.

I pulled out our beautiful red tapers from last year, and this year they are beautifully lining our window.

Our tree is up again, beautiful and twinkly.

We picked up a special ornament for this year, commemorating our first car 🙂

I tried an idea I saw on Pinterest for dressing our window – hanging ornaments at different heights.  This turned out great, since I wanted to dress it up, but find icicle lights to not have quite as clean-lined a look as I like.  Check out how my little faux garland turned out!

And this is the magical look we get to see with our tree reflected in the window, and city lights at night.  This view, this is why I call our little place a castle, I feel like I’m in a magical land when I look at this.

And of course, I can’t forget our coffee table with our pretty bowl from Ikea that we got last year.  Since I was using the red and silver ornaments on the window, I picked up some more gold and silver ornaments for a sophisticated, mixed metallic touch.

How are you decorating for the holidays?  Any other crazy-early enthusiasts like me out there?


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