What I’ve Been Wearing – Flashback to Fall Edition

Hi again, sweet friends!  I hope that you are all enjoying the wonder and cheer of the season.  Here in Toronto the city has been frosted with snow and pretty things.  However, I thought I’d take a trip a little bit down memory lane, to the pretty autumn we had as well.  Here are some of the outfits I really liked, and would love to enjoy reminiscing of the warmer weather.  As I was looking through these, I did notice that for most of them, simply adding black or nude tights and maybe boots would make them perfect for this cooler weather.

First up, my cute blue zip detail dress from Venus.  I really like this dress, since the colour makes me feel like it’s inspired by Kate Middleton, or maybe Bella’s blue blouse in Twilight.  I paired with my adorable pink polka dot peep-toe wedges from Suzy Shier from way back (2005?  I think) for a cute and casual look.  Since the neckline already had detailing, I accessorized with a simple crystal bracelet.

Next up, a more business appropriate look.  I paired a white Laura blouse with a highwaisted black pencil skirt from TJ Maxx, and added a red corset belt from Ardenes for a pop of colour, along with red lips!  With bare legs or nude tights, I love wearing my nude Nine West pumps since it has a great lengthening effect on legs.  To winterize this look, I’d pick the nude stockings over black, though you could  definitely wear red stockings for a fun colour punch.

Here we’ve got another fun office appropriate look.  I paired a short-sleeved grey blazer from Garage (worn over a white cami) with a fun printed skirt from Giant Tiger (yes, you heard me right).  I love using A-line flared skirts, they’re my favourite!  To make these office appropriate, make sure that the length is good, at least to your fingertips when it’s flared out.  Also, since the skirt lends itself to a more casual vibe, I’d suggest a blazer or crisp long sleeved top in order to keep it professional.  Of course, my nude Nine West pumps make an appearance again, as they’ve become staples for me.  I wore this outfit with an onyx pendant to go with the black in the skirt.

Of course, for days when I don’t feel like designing an entire coordinated outfit, a dress and neutrals will never go wrong.  This is a great ivory shift dress from Venus that has beautiful lines and great lace detailing, which needs no further decoration!  I paired it with a cute charm bracelet, and of course, the trusty nude pumps… which you’re about to see again.

Whee!  I love this blazer!  It’s fun and bright pink and has adorable detailing with the black flowers on the lapel and a bow at the back, and it was from AliExpress at a steeply discounted price!  I wanted to highlight the blazer, so although the pink in the skirt is of the same hue, it’s a much more subdued colour!  You might notice that it’s the same cami and skirt (and pumps) from before, but a new topper gives it a totally different look!  To highlight the girly factor even more, I wore a heart-shaped pendant.  

I’ve really enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane, I think I’ll see if I can pull out some of these looks again with winter tweaks!  Which ones did you enjoy most?  What have you guys been wearing these days?


One response to “What I’ve Been Wearing – Flashback to Fall Edition

  1. A great collage of some great outfits; they all look wonderful. Love the heels in all of them as well. 😉

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