Add a Touch of Luxury with a Tray

Ahh, here we are, well in the midst of the holiday season.  Allow me to offer a reprieve today, with a post about something that’s not holiday related at all.  Instead, this post will help you relax, feel more at ease, and more luxurious right within your own home.  All with one simple item – a tray.

Yes, that’s right, a tray.  Back when we were first decorating our apartment, I knew that it would be good to have a tray, so we bought one from Ikea.  It was simple, and nothing special, and I used it to hold books and magazines on the bottom shelf of the coffee table.  Then, when I caught a spray painting bug, I spray painted it silver, with a nice sheen.  But it sat in the same place, and didn’t really get much use.  Well, now it’s at its final form.

To protect the actual surface of the tray, I actually used placemats carefully cut to fit, and glued in place with hot glue.  Now it’s easy to wipe clean, and has a pretty black diamond patterned look.

We’ve been using the tray on our bed, to hold snacks, books, hot drinks, and napkins.  It’s perfect for reading in bed with a cup of tea, or having a glass of wine while watching a movie, and not worrying about things tipping over and spilling.

I know that trays are often used on coffee tables and to corral items, but being the type that doesn’t like clutter, those didn’t seem to call to me.

This little simple trick, though, helps us feel like we’re at a hotel, or a cute bed & breakfast, and adds a simple beautiful touch of luxury.

How do you use trays around the house?  Do you have a preference between square and rectangular trays?  Any little projects or tricks you’re doing that are not holiday related?


2 responses to “Add a Touch of Luxury with a Tray

  1. Great bedroom post today! I also have a similar one!

    Love your blog. :-)))


  2. This is beautiful! I’ve actually been meaning to invest in a tray so reading this post was perfect!

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